Mexican Cenotes: Best Snorkeling Locations

Snorkeling in the fresh crystal clear waters of the cenotes is an incredible adventure.

In some cenotes like Dos Ojos and Gran cenote, it is possible to see beautiful decorations of stalactites, stalagmites and columns. Kukulcan has great light effects as sunlight shines through cracks in the ceiling. Larger Cenotes like cenote Azul – Puntarosa, are like huge pools in the midst of the jungle, where different species of fish and plants can be seen.

Although most cenotes offer shallow areas for snorkeling, be aware there are parts in the cavern which can be more than 20ft deep and therefore it is recommended to always wear a life jacket or snorkeling vest, which we will provide including your snorkeling gear on our guided excursion.

Remember it is forbidden to touch, move or remove formations such as stalactites or stalagmites, even if they are already broken. Formations have remained underwater for thousands of years, and as they are very delicate and fragile, any contact can damage them permanently.

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Cenotes Snorkel Adventure (Riviera Maya)

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