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3 New Boutique Hotels In Downtown Playa

For those of you who prefer more cozy, boutique-style accommodation during their dive vacay, while staying in the heart of a lively, colorful and vibrant, small resort town in the Mayan Riviera, rich with restaurants, bars, shops, live music and only a few blocks away from the beach, we have recently joined collaboration with 3 gorgeous boutique hotels by XPERIENCE HOTELS® in downtown Playa del Carmen.

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New PADI Course Director

We are delighted to welcome our new PADI Course Director as the leader of Pro Dive International’s Career Development Center, Instructor Development Center, GoPro & TecRec Academy, as well as the Quality Department.


His name is Walter, Walter G. Schmit.

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SharkSchool® Yucatan, Mexico 2023

We will do it again, and give those magnificent predators in front of Playa del Carmen the maximum attention they deserve.


Our next edition of SHARKSCHOOL® – a collaboration of Pro Dive International, Wirodive Tauch & Erlebnisreisen and SharkSchool® Dr. Erich Ritter – will be held from Dec 2-9, 2023! 





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Best Marine Halloween Features

Did you know that the early reference to wearing costumes at Halloween comes from 16th century Scotland? They are often designed to imitate supernatural, scary beings or the souls of the dead.


On the occasion of Halloween, we’ve run a marine life contest of The Best Halloween Costumes & Features. The following candidates made it into our TOP5. Who wears it best? Is it the Balloon fish with its Galaxy eyes, the Peacock Flounder as Aladdin’s magic carpet, the Cuttle Fish in Drag, the Butterfly Fish’s masquerade, or the Lionfish’s Carnival dress? You decide!

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Riviera Maya Winter Highlights in 5 Days

Winter in the middle and high latitudes. Temperatures are dropping considerably. Daylight becomes noticeably shorter. Plants cease growth until spring or die. Animals prepare for the harsher months ahead, but some birds are flying South. Are you one of them?


Knowing that a short trip to the Riviera Maya will soothe your soul, boost your energy, and kick up your adrenaline, we’ve got a 5-day all-in-one-trip agenda for you that can be tailored to your needs and preferences.

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TOP 5+1 Masters of Camouflage

Nothing is what it seems. This is particularly valid in the animal kingdom. Marine life doesn’t make any exception, but keeps our divers excited and curious.


Blending in becoming camouflaged is a useful trick to have up your sleeve to survive the many predators of the ocean. Or it can mean an easy snack as your prey unknowingly walks past your mouth. 

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5 Underwater Working Relationships

Have you ever thought of the ocean as a workplace, where everyone fulfills certain tasks and responsibilities to keep a healthy, harmonious environment and relationships by working as a team?


A coral reef is a complex and wondrous ecosystem, with new exciting discoveries every day. As scuba divers we are fascinated watching life going about its daily schedule, life working together to thrive in a colorful city of coral.


Here are 5 surprising fun facts about marine animals collaborating with plants, algae, each other, and the reef at large.

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Cenote Chikin Ha 3 in 1

Like the majority of the Yucatan cenotes, Chikin Ha is embedded in the lush Mayan wilderness featuring an abundance of Ceiba trees, Alamos and Palm trees, providing the perfect breeding ground for one of the sacred guardians of the ancient Maya – Motmot birds, as well as for intriguing stories.   

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Bumpy Start to a BIG Season?

Mayan gods follow agendas? That would be awesome, as Chac Mool – the Mayan God of Rain – might not have forgotten one of his most exciting appointments of the year – the official start of the Whale Shark Season on June 1st! So how did it all go so far and what can you expect this season? Read on…

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Cenotes – A lifeless Space?

Cenotes are access points to a massive underground water system that is slowly flowing out into the ocean. The caves through which this water flows are pitch-dark with no natural light and so are home to only a few species. But where the cave roof has collapsed and cenotes were formed, light floods in creating a great habitat for many kinds of fish, plants, turtles, crabs and much more. 


Some of those cenotes are located by the ocean and get visitors swimming in. Manatees, tarpons, snappers, moray eels, crocodiles, and so much more can be found enjoying these jungle oases. 

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TOP 10 Whale Shark Gallery

While some of us struggle to keep up with this gentle giant during a personal encounter, others manage to capture the largest fish on the planet even in the same photo. 


Enjoy our favorite whale shark shots, or join one of our upcoming snorkeling safaris this summer to challenge yourself! 


The season officially starts on June 1st. Early birds get 15% OFF. The sighting is guaranteed.*

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Pro Dive’s Adult-Only Dive Resort Locations

What is more sexy than a dive vacation with your lover or best mate? A stay at one of our exclusive adult-only beach resorts! As relaxing, tranquil, fun and romantic as you fancy.


As inquiries about adult-only hotels have increased over the past months, we have decided to dedicate a blog about those beach resorts and activities we offer at Pro Dive International in Mexico and the Dominican Republic.


Update! We have added two spectacular 5-star beach resorts with adult-only options to our portfolio in both Mexico and the Dominican Republic. Here are all five for you!

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Now direct Boat Departures from Cozumel North

Your scuba diver life just became more convenient, as we’ve improved our service for you and now offer direct departures from our dive centers in Cozumel North to the beautiful reefs in the north and south of the island. 


Take advantage of our LAUNCH SPECIAL and get a 15% DISCOUNT on your dive package with Code PDI2COZ. Valid for new bookings until May 15th. 

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Whale Shark Stories & Legends

This is the time of the year when we’re getting all excited about the arrival of the largest fish in the world. While Jacques Cousteau reportedly encountered only two whale sharks in his whole life, you’ll be able to observe huge congregations of this gentle giant here in the Mexican Caribbean, with sightings that are even guaranteed by Pro Dive International* during the season. 


We’ve gathered some fun stories and legends for you from across the world.

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All-Star Cozumel

We’ve been raving about scuba diving in Cozumel, which is what the island of the swallows has become internationally famous for since Jacques Cousteau’s visit in the 1960’s. However, the Mexican Caribbean’s largest inhabited island can also get you a small taste of the country’s great Mayan culture during a short stay.


Have you visited yet? 

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Three Reasons to Stay & Dive in Maroma

Embedded in idyllic virgin beaches, lush mangrove forests that are roamed by adorable local wildlife like spider monkeys and coatis, azure waters of the Caribbean Sea and extraordinary coral reefs inhabited by small and large marine life, lies Punta Maroma. 


A picture-perfect vacation away from the crowds for the entire family!

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Scuba Diving in Cancun

Wait! There’s more than that famous underwater museum in Cancun? You’ll be surprised! Healthy reefs, large schools of fish, a variety of marine life and wrecks wait to be explored. 


Cancun remains easily accessible for travelers around the world, and tops the list of destinations with best air-connectivity for 2022 with a total of 56,951 flights and over 10 million seats, according to recent data shared by Sectur Mexico.


Head over and dive right in!

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10 Awesome Creatures of the Caribbean

Do you remember that purple flower-like creature on the cover of our January newsletter? Were you able to name it, or did you try to figure out what you actually looked at? What phrase did you even use to look it up? Turns out that this beauty is not the only life form that’s less known among our divers, which encouraged us to write this small piece about strange-looking but awesome creatures that you may be lucky to spot during your dives in the Caribbean in Mexico and/ or the Dominican Republic.


This post is about eyeballs, spaghetti, pistols, buttons, and lots more!

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Cenote Tajma Ha & Its Sacred Guardians

How often have you heard us rave about one of the most impressive cenotes on the Riviera Mayan corridor in Mexico – the Tajma Ha? But only a few are aware that there is more to it. Something so extraordinary and mysterious that will make your mind spin next time you set foot on those sacred grounds.

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Hottest Photoshoot in Town

The Riviera Maya’s most exciting event is currently in full swing, submerged in about 24m/ 80ft depth, with supermodels that are not your average glamour girls presenting the latest fashion trends, but real beauty queens showing off their sexy curves before giving birth to their offspring: pregnant Bull Shark Ladies!


? Join Lisa Collins’ Observatory in Shark Diver…

– Report & Photographs by Lisa Collins, Underwater photojournalist and photography instructor

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Liveaboards & Winter Dreams

Looking for the perfect escape this winter or spring to quench your dive vacation thirst packed with fantastic encounters and adventures? 

Mexico hosts some world-class diving experiences in both the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. And you can almost get it all in one trip!


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Special Xmas Cards with PADI Specialties

How about a special card for your loved ones or for yourself for Christmas this year? The gift of experience will last forever together with happy memories, exciting new opportunities, and an improved skill set!

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Sailfish Hunt in the Mexican Caribbean

“Eventually we settled onto a bait ball that was surrounded by 20-30 sailfish… There are complexities to taking photographs of fish swimming nearly 70mph…”




– Adventure Report & Photographs by David Jones,
Speaker, Environmentalist, Media Diving Specialist, Researcher, CEO & Founder of Just One Ocean

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5 Spooktacular Dives for Halloween

What do divers do on Halloween? Dress like a zombie, trick-or-treat through the neighborhood to scare little kids, watch a horror movie on Netflix, or attend a party at a friend’s haunted house? How about swapping your traditions for some spooktacular dives?

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TOP 5 Bizarre Bull Shark Sightings

Bull sharks can be found roaming the shallow warm waters of all the world’s oceans, particularly the tropical coasts. But you will be amazed at some of the places they have been spotted!

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The Magic of Night Diving in Cozumel

Have you ever gazed out at the open ocean at night wondering what happens down there as the sun disappears over the horizon and darkness sets in? If all marine life will be sleeping, or if there’s anything creeping along the reefs?


Here’s what really happens, including a list of our Top 5 Party Guests that make you want to add night diving in Cozumel to your bucket list.

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Grand Re-Opening Dreams Aventuras Riviera Maya

September 1, 2021, marked the reopening day of AMR™ Collection’s luxurious oceanfront resort Dreams Aventuras Riviera Maya. The hotel underwent an extensive renovation, including the change of name – formerly Dreams Puerto Aventuras Resort & Spa and upgrades to their renowned exclusive Unlimited-Luxury® vacation experience.

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TOP 10 Least Known Bull Shark Facts

What better prescription to rid one of their fear of sharks than diving right into a shark tank. Do you dare? With bull shark season just around the corner in the Riviera Maya in Mexico, there’s a perfect playground to boost your confidence and perspective of sharks.


We have summarized ten of our favorite, less commonly known facts about bull sharks:

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GoPro IDC Mexico 2022

Follow your dreams! Go Pro with Pro Dive International in Mexico to start moving your office under water, enjoy endless summer and scuba diving!


Sign up for your 14-day life-boosting PADI Instructor Development Course with our PADI Course Director Leo, incl. hands-on IDC Prep and workshops.


10% Off + Freebies for EARLY BIRDS!

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Turtles of the Riviera Maya & Cozumel

Plenty of empty shells of recently hatched turtle eggs were spotted by our divers at Sabalos. They had been washed off shore onto the reef after the baby turtles had dug out of their nest at night and swam off into the sea. 

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If you love sharks and adrenaline, diving with bull sharks in Playa del Carmen is the perfect adventure for you.

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Tulum is famous not only for its pristine beaches, beautiful coastline and dramatic Mayan Ruins but also for its magical and mysterious sinkholes called cenotes.
It´s a real paradise for divers who would like to explore Mayan culture, taste delicious Mexican food and discover beautiful, nearby cenotes.

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Flamingo Tongue Snail

Name: Flamingo tongue snail (Cyphoma gibbosum) Size: 25–35 mm (0.98–1.38 in) Feature: Beautiful shell with bright orange-yellow in color with black markings Distribution: Tropical waters…

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1. Sailifish is is a carnivorous fish that reside in warm ocean waters   2.  The Sailfish is the fastest fish in the ocean. It can reach…

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The do’s and don’t’s of swimming with the whale sharks!

 One of our favourite clients, Angela Schmidt, tells us what its like to swim with the whale sharks.

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1. MESOAMERICAN REEF There is the second largest coral reef in the world which stretches almost 175 miles (280 km) of ocean between the Gulf…

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Diving at night creates totally different experience and new perspective of underwater world. During day dive, you can see perfectly the ambience around you but…

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The Yucatan is famous for its spectacular underground fresh water systems called cenotes.

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The amazing Whale Shark experience!

Swimming next to the biggest fish in the world!

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PRO DIVE INTERNATIONAL HOSTS PADI WOMEN’S DIVE DAY ON JULY 21, 2018           Featuring Specials for all Diver Girls at their centers…

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Wreck diving is absolutely one of the most fascinating type of diving that you can experience in the oceans around the world. They are enchanting…

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We are turning 15!

15 years ago, in June 2003, Pro Dive International opened their doors in Mexico, and meanwhile ranks among the Caribbean’s top dive operations and leading Career Development Center.

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Pro Dive International, one of the Caribbean’s most established PADI 5 Star Dive Resorts and recognized Career Development Centers, are delighted to inform that now…

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1. Actually whale sharks are not whales but they are the world´s biggest fish 2. Whale sharks have lifespan that is estimated to be up…

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1. COZUMEL Cozumel is considered to be one of the best diving spots in the world. Located in the Caribbean Sea, just 12 miles from…

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The best scuba diving spots in Cozumel!

It’s no wonder why Cozumel is considered to be one of the best diving spots in the world…

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Mexico´s Caribbean coast is known not only for its beautiful, pristine beaches but mainly for its spectacular freshwater cave systems called Cenotes.

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