Cenote El Eden/ Pondarosa

Also known as “Pon-de Rosa”, Cenote Eden is situated 3kms south of Puerto Aventuras and 25kms south of Playa del Carmen. A large and beautiful Cenote, like a swimming pool in the middle of the jungle. Big rocks covered by mosses and plants on the bottom of the Cenote are home to a variety of fish, fresh water eels and abundant aquatic plant life. This makes Pon-de-Rosa a perfect place for snorkeling, swimming as well as for Diving courses on days the ocean is to rough to dive. For inexperienced Cavern Divers this Cenote is ideal. The rooms are very large and the main part of the dive takes the diver alongside the nearby Cenote Coral Garden. Here breathtaking shows await the Diver. A Halocline stretches through the Cenote at 10mtrs. For Cave Divers there are many different passages to explore, often connected to nearby Cenotes.

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