Marine Park Snorkeling Adventure in Cozumel

Take a plunge with us in this fantastic world of wonders underwater, and join our snorkel trip to Palancar Gardens and Columbia Shallow, some of the most picturesque spots in the National Marine Park of Cozumel.

Get hypnotized by the lively activity of Butterfly Fish, French Angels, Blue Chromis, Snappers and Midnight Parrot Fish, playing around in the shallow depth of this tropical aquarium.

The perfect snorkel adventure for families or groups who want to combine scuba diving and snorkeling in one experience.

Our team takes you to two different reefs during this excursion.


  • Marine Park Snorkel Day Adventure
  • Marine Park Snorkel Night Adventure
  • Marine Park Snorkel Day & Night Combo

Grab your mask, snorkel & fins, and let´s explore!

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