Cenote Angelita

Angelita, “little angel” in English, is not only an atypical Cenote dive, but a once in a lifetime dive in all aspects. Situated 17kms south of Tulum, it is the furthest visited site from Playa del Carmen. Walking about 5min through the jungle, you reach this picturesque circular shaped Cenote which does nothing more than go straight down to 60m. Descending through clear fresh water you will sink right into a mystical hydrogen sulfate layer at 30m that looks like a huge cloud with trunks and branches reaching through it. Underneath the cloud the salt water begins. It is dark here, giving the diver the feeling of being in a forest at night.

Depending on the air-consumption, the ascent can be done slowly winding up alongside the walls. Some huge stalactites hanging from the edge of the Cenote reminding us of times when the water level was much lower.

Angelita is a dive for the experienced diver because of its depth. Most commonly it is dived to a depth of 40m. This Cenote is also popular for Technical Dives.

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