Valid June 1 - August 31
Whale Shark Sighting – Customer Service Guarantee

*CUSTOMER SERVICE GUARANTEE* – in the unlikely event that during a whale shark tour reserved through us, you will not encounter a whale shark, we invite you to repeat the tour at no additional cost and go again. This “Customer Service Guarantee” makes it very unlikely that you will not be successful encountering a whale shark.


Please note however, that we cannot guarantee the actual sighting of whale sharks, this is technically not possible as the tour is aimed at observing whale sharks in their natural habitat, and not animals in captivity, and we have no control over the movement of wild animals in the ocean. No feeding or attraction method is employed, to help find the whale sharks, we depend on them deciding to being in the area where they usually can be located during their annual and well known migration into our local waters, and where they feed on plankton. However please note, it is very unlikely not to encounter a whale shark during the tour, in fact most times you would encounter maybe 3,5 or 7, on some days it is even possible to see many dozens at once, or rarely even up to 100 or more.


Despite the above, it needs to be stressed that the whale sharks that we try to find and observe, are wild and free-moving animals, in their natural habitat, the large and wide ocean, and there may be days where we are not successful in our search for them. That may be days, where we are affected by weather, or days that follow days of heavy rain when plankton is pushed deeper down by the rainwater, away from the surface, and so the sharks are not floating right at the surface to feed their plankton and rather dive deeper down, since they find it there, and then it may be hard to spot the animals.


Again, these are rare cases and which is why we provide you a chance to participate in the tour again on a new date at no additional cost. Please note this “Customer Service Guarantee” is only valid from 01 June to 31 August (the official season continues until 15th September each year), as this is the period where the migration of whale sharks in the local area is at its peak. Also, the courtesy repeat tour can only be taken during the same current season, not in a future year.