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About the most complete IDC in Mexico

Receive a more comprehensive IDC and get additional value for the same cost.

Here we will analyze the content of the IDC and discuss why Pro Dive International can offer a longer, more thorough program.

The most complete IDC in Mexico. Get a more thorough IDC, and get more for the same price.

Here we will analyze the content of the IDC and discuss why Pro Dive International can offer a longer, more thorough program.

What about e-learning?

In this digital world, a lot of learning has shifted to online methods. The PADI -IDC has also been renewed and the candidates will now receive an online training to follow prior to the start of the course. This online material consists of slides and videos and quizzes to prepare the candidate, review his knowledge of the divemaster theory, learn the PADI standards and go through a lot of the theory that used to be provided during the IDC.

Why is our IDC longer?

The IDC offered by Pro Dive International is said to be the most complete IDC in Mexico for a few reasons:

  • our candidates don’t learn to pass an exam, they learn to become instructors and teach others.

This means that our candidates will be taught the best teaching methods, will learn how to correct a student, will practice difficult situations, and will discuss examples of life-lived experiences shared by Course Director Walter Schmit. With his 20 years of teaching diving non-stop in many different parts of the world, and many different settings (from small 5 star resorts in the Maldives, to crowded backpacker dive centers in the Gili Islands, or on liveaboards, or dive centers in Greece, Honduras, Philippines and more!), he has a suitcase full of stories to learn from.

  • our candidates receive additional experience

Pro Dive International wants to have well-prepared instructors. This means teaching our candidates about what evolves around the water. We organize presentations by a Divers Alert Network (DAN) representative, we can also bring the candidates to a hyperbaric chamber, we teach an equipment servicing experience, and depending on the candidates’ interests we even add workshops in tec diving, or free-diving, or cave diving. Our Course Director will add-on the workshops that suit our candidates the best.

  • special MSDT for the 20th anniversary of Pro Dive International

For the 20th anniversary of Pro Dive International, the IDC has integrated a FREE MSDT training during the program, adding even more knowledge to gain from the course. The specialties have been chosen to increase the understanding of different topics useful for the Instructor Examination, at the same time as offering the option for the candidate to become a Specialty instructor in that field.


As of October 2023, Pro Dive International and Walter Schmit have been granted the right to teach two Bull Shark specialties. Ask us more about this unique option to learn about Playa del Carmen’s bull sharks!

With Pro Dive International’s 20 years of experience in the pro-level training, the IDC program has become the most complete IDC that you can find in this part of the world. If you want to know more about the detailed schedule, the dates, and the options to work after the IDC, please contact our Pro Team!


How to start your IDC Adventure?

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