Shark Angels

The Shark Angels are leading a positive, contagious movement to save sharks – and the oceans. It´s a passionate, global community that believes in the power of education, media and local grassroots campaigns. They raise awareness to the critical issues, educate children, change perspectives, and empower and connect advocates to act locally to save sharks and the critical ecosystems they support.


Sadly, over the last twenty years, we have been witness to a silent mass extinction of the ocean’s top predators. And while some shark populations are down 90%, up to 73,000,000 sharks will be killed this year. That’s over 10,000 an hour.

Tired of sitting by and witnessing a looming extinction with global ramifications, the Shark Angels are taking action. Instead of feeling helpless, the Shark Angels, every day, are taking on what seemingly very few others are willing to do.

The Shark Angels Are Focused on:

  • Defending the sharks and serving as their guardian angels – and a much needed voice.
  • Leading a worldwide movement to save sharks by inspiring others through their own actions.
  • Supporting a globally connected, though locally inspired, movement and fueling that through a rich set of tools, community, collaboration and education.
  • Bringing the issues facing sharks into public consciousness – through graphic but engaging online, viral and broadcast media
  • Improving the image of sharks – removing a major barrier to their survival.
  • Encouraging and empowering the world’s youth to take back their sharks.
  • Going into the field to gather the compelling media necessary to bring about change.
  • Amplifying the disconnected conservation efforts by working together – and merging many different approaches to conservation. Developing regional angels that are a talented, committed, and cohesive team united by a positive passion and a common mission.


The Shark Angels believe that kids have an enormous voice – and the power to change the world. So they focus their efforts on education in awareness, developing a new generation of Shark Angels from Tonga to California.

The Shark Angels have already developed presentations, videos, activity books and conducted presentations around the globe – reaching thousands of kids.

Shark Angels organize worldwide online auction in order to continue their efforts to help the future of sharks and the oceans. Every year, Pro Dive International and Allegro Cozumel donate stay&dive package for that online auction with respect towards their work and to support further protection of sharks and the oceans.

The next online auction will be held on May 27- June 9, 2019 via Charity Auctions Today.

You will be able to score a great deal on scuba diving trips around the world including destinations like Fiji, the Bahamas, the Philippines, & Raja Ampat as well as a fantastic underwater light, a celebrity cooking experience, sports tickets & more, all while helping Shark Angels to continue their mission.

In 2019´ auction, Stay&Dive package sponsored by Pro Dive International & Allegro Cozumel includes:

7 nights in Allegro Cozumel

4 days of 2 tank diving at Cozumel National Marine Park 



By bidding on these exciting auction items, you’ll fuel critical campaigns and play a vital role in protecting not just a threatened species, but also the oceans. Shark Angels employs grassroots outreach, creative media, and educational campaigns to inspire a global movement to save sharks – and the ecosystems they keep healthy. The health of the world’s oceans depends on healthy shark populations, and every creature on earth depends on healthy oceans for survival.

“We’ve been thrilled with the support from our donors and are very excited about this auction,” says Executive Director, Jamie Pollack. By bidding on the items, sharing the link far and wide, or making a donation, you can help Shark Angels make a difference. “You too, can be a guardian angel for sharks. Earn your wings today.” – Jamie Pollack

More info about this auction you will find here.