Modern busy life, daily hassle and stress have negative effect on human body.

One of the most common way to calm down, develop inner peace and reduce stress is meditation. This is the ancient technique that improves self-awareness and increases happiness. It also provides relaxation, better health and well-being.

Although it is not always so easy to find tranquil and quiet space where you can focus and go inward yourself. There are so many external factors that may interrupt your zen time hence sometimes it is quite a challenge to completely disconnect from the world.

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However, there is one place where you can find complete silence and calmness. It´s called aquatic world and actually it creates a perfect environment for meditation. There is nothing better than entering water space where all you hear is bubbles and breaking waves on the surface. Being underwater has that one advantage that you can´t be bothered with phone calls or pinging mailbox. All your focus lies on beautiful marine life, colorful corals and peaceful silence.

The main goal of meditation is to stop distractions and make our mind more clear. Controlled breath is the main tool to achieve that. Focusing on breathing helps you to relax, being more aware and still.

As divers, we are aware that breath help us to be calm and steady. Deep breathing increases oxygen in the blood so automatically it relaxes our body and mind. Breathing slowly while scuba diving also helps you to control your buoyancy and save air which make your dives longer.

By focusing and listening to your breath, you enter into meditative state. Not only you become more aware of the present moment but also your body starts to relax and your mind releases all the worries and accumulated stress. Scuba diving creates delightful sense of freedom but also it gives you amazing chance to recover inner peace.

Underwater meditation has many benefits that enhance our well-being and health.

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Medical studies showed that mindfulness:

-decreases stress and anxiety

– slows ageing

– reduces the risk of heart diseases and stroke

-improves immunity

-reduces blood pressure

-manage the heart rate and respiratory rate


Are you ready for your next underwater meditation session?

Remember to just breathe.