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Riviera Maya Winter Highlights in 5 Days

Winter in the middle and high latitudes. Temperatures are dropping considerably. Daylight becomes noticeably shorter. Plants cease growth until spring or die. Animals prepare for the harsher months ahead, but some birds are flying South. Are you one of them?


Knowing that a short trip to the Riviera Maya will soothe your soul, boost your energy, and kick up your adrenaline, we’ve got a 5-day all-in-one-trip agenda for you that can be tailored to your needs and preferences.

While there’s no need for you to try spreading your wings and follow the planet’s magnetic lines all the way South like a bird, you can take advantage of the many direct flights landing in Cancun every day. Moreover, the Riviera Maya is one of the most accessible, affordable and popular destinations in the world that has won several tourism awards for its welcoming hospitality, beautiful beaches, mouth-watering cuisine and rich cultural heritage. It’s here, where the summer never ends!

TOP Winter Highlights

Winter in the Riviera Maya, Mexico. What does that mean? 

  1. Sun & Beach all year round 
  2. Scuba diving with an Apex predator
  3. Encounters with the world’s fastest fish 
  4. Discovery of some of the world’s best reefs
  5. Descent into mystic Mayan worlds

Sounds like what you need? Read on, or get in touch!


5-Day Agenda

For your personal comfort and reduced transfer times to our highlights, we recommend you to stay at one of our partner hotels in Playa del Carmen or Puerto Aventuras. If you prefer a different accommodation, we can pick you up (fee may apply).

The following agenda can be modified to your and your travel partner’s or family’s needs and requirements as a diver, newbie or snorkeler.


Day 1 – Local reef dive(s)

¡Bienvenidos a México! Just arrived in time and can’t wait to get underwater? Check-in with our team at the dive center on the beach by 12pm, prep your gear and hop aboard one of Pro Dive’s boats for your first reef dive(s) on the Riviera Maya. Get a feeling of the local conditions, familiarize yourself with your equipment, as well as the beautiful flora and fauna. 

Although we won’t visit Bull Shark Point quite yet, as this requires an additional safety briefing and preparation, you will already have a good chance of spotting some, as the ocean is their home and they are curious creatures.

@ Elisa Doring

There are usually two dives in the afternoon (1 and 3 pm), so you’ll be back between around 4.30pm to warm up on the beach or at the pool bar, and perhaps see what entertainment your hotel has planned for the night.


Day 2 – Cenotes dive excursion

If you’ve never experienced the Mayan underworld, these two dives may even be the most breathtaking adventure of your trip. We pick you up by van at around 8am and drive in the direction of Puerto Aventuras/ Tulum, where we leave the highway for the wild jungle, set up our gear near one of the over 6,000 cenotes of the Riviera Maya, listen to the thorough safety briefing of our cavern guide and descend into a magical world with stunning light effects and formations.

For those traveling with non-divers, it’s possible to have them accompany your cenotes dive excursion as snorkelers.


© Wolfgang Poelzer

Expect to be back at your hotel at around 3pm, the perfect time to refresh and take a stroll along the vibrant and colorful Quinta Avenida just steps away from your hotel in Playacar/ Playa del Carmen. 


Day 3 – Bull sharks

Let’s dive with the big guys today! (Nov-Mar) Do you feel the adrenaline rush through your veins already? Depending on the amount of bull sharks observed in our area during the period of your stay, we will decide whether we may be more lucky to dive with them in the morning or in the afternoon.

We usually do the first dive at Bull Shark Point and a second one at a local reef, as this majestic predator never stays at the same spot. 

Bull shark diver@ jsegalexplore

On this day, you may also want to consider a trip to Tulum’s Archeological Zone, a famous ancient Mayan city. The site opens from 8am-5pm, with the last permitted entry at 3pm. For those with family and a little more time, we would like to recommend our “Mexican Snorkeling Adventure + Tulum Ruins” excursion, which is a 3/4-day trip including transportation, snorkeling at a turtle reef, Tulum ruins, snorkeling at a cenote, snorkeling gear, sandwich & soft drinks.


© Susann Seifert

Day 4 – Cozumel dive excursion

You can’t leave Mexico without having visited Cozumel’s underwater world, home to some of the most beautiful reefs in world, as per Jacques Cousteau. Our dive trip to Cozumel currently operates on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, and your non-diving family is welcome to join for snorkeling.

Our day trip starts at around 9am and includes transfers, 2 dives at different reefs, buffet lunch and drinks, if you start with us from your hotel on the Riviera Maya.

However, if you prefer to get to Cozumel by yourself to enjoy the island a little longer, please let us know in advance, so we can inform the hotel and our crew to be prepared for your arrival.


@ Larry Cohen

Day 5 – Sailfish Snorkeling Safari

After some rather relaxing days underwater, let’s jump right into the action of this spectacular action-packed event (Dec-Mar) featuring the fastest fish in the world during their feeding frenzy.

Our day starts in the early morning hours when we make our way to Cancun by van, where we board the boat to Isla Contoy to look out for frigate birds. Their frequently arrowing down into the water to catch their prey indicates a group of sailfish. Together with an experienced guide, we’ll jump to observe how a school of sardines will be strategically pushed and rounded up to bait balls, then slowly approached from any direction, penetrated by the sailfish’s bills smashing each of them one by one to grab the bite, and with their dorsal fins – the sail – up to close their prey in.

This event can go on for hours, noticeably reducing the school of sardines until none is left. There is a great chance to encounter manta rays, whale sharks and dolphins, as well.

You’ll be back at your hotel between 4 and 5pm, possibly exhausted but thrilled and happy after a fun week with Pro Dive in Mexico and a ton of fantastic new memories.


@ Gerald Nowak

A Small Taste for you

Here’s what you can expect during your trip, and lots more!

Please note that this video is a compilation of highlights and whale sharks only migrate to the Yucatan Peninsula during the summer months, June – mid September.




How to start your Riviera Maya Winter Adventure?

  1. Join Pro Dive International as a certified diver or snorkeler. (price list)
  2. Boost your skills by becoming a PADI Open Water Diver, PADI Advanced Open Water Diver, and/ or Enriched Air Diver, as Nitrox is FREE with Pro Dive.
  3. Explore the highlights of the Riviera Maya & Cozumel with the Yucatan Explorer.
  4. Contact Pro Dive’s multilingual reservations team for guidance, recommendations, and your stay & dive package at preferred rates for a hassle-free dive vacation.