Live Aboards

Our liveaboard service offers its guests to stay on board for one or more nights. This allows time to travel to more distant dive sites.

Socorro & Guadalupe by Nautilus Explorer & Belle Amie

One trip, countless diving adventures!

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Aggressor Fleet & Humpback Whale Snorkeling

Snorkel with one of the most stunning mammals on earth – A life-changing experience!

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Sea of Cortez - Cabo Pulmo by Nautilus

Ahhh. Cabo Pulmo. We believe this is the best diving in the Sea of Cortez. Bull sharks. Big fish. Giant schools of fish. Coral reefs. Humpback whales in season through mid-January, and much more!

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Sea of Cortez – Bahía de los Ángeles by Nautilus

Bahía de los Ángeles is a small fishing village of 1000 people that lies nestled between the rugged Sierra San Borja Mountains and the sparkling water of the Sea of Cortez (Gulf of California). Every summer up to 220 whale sharks gather at the south end of this bay.

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