If you love sharks and adrenaline, diving with bull sharks in Playa del Carmen is the perfect adventure for you.


Every year, during the winter months (November – March) pregnant bull sharks migrate to Playa del Carmen. The Caribbean waters of Mexico create the perfect environment to raise their babies. They live not only in the seawater but also in the freshwater, which means they can be found in rivers or even in lakes.

Once you descend to the sandy bottom of the sea (around 24m), you will have a chance to admire these beautiful creatures and observing their daily rituals. Bull sharks will swim around you as they are naturally curious so they can get quite close. It´s one of a kind, thrilled and fantastic experience.

Diving with the bull sharks must be done in a controlled and safe way. For this reason, we do only send Pro Dive International´s most experienced instructors, and provide with maximum safety and fun to our divers.

In order to dive with bull sharks in Playa del Carmen, it is required the following:

  • Excellent buoyancy and air consumption
  • Spotless health conditions, no records
  • Feeling of comfort and awareness of risk
  • Open Water Certification with a min. of 25 logged dives
  • 2 local dives and final ok


We are proud to take part in an educational program to teach about bull sharks during this sensational trip but also inform our divers and disperse consciousness.

Pro Dive International cooperates with the local Saving Our Sharks project. Thanks to the continuous scientific work, 20 individual bull sharks could be identified, meanwhile. Some have been named, whereas other ones can still be adopted.

 Every year, Pro Dive International together with expert Dr. Erich Ritter organize Sharkschool on the Riviera Maya in Mexico. During bull shark season, divers can sign-up for 6 days of super-exciting bull shark interaction, vibrant reef diving, and lively exchange with like-minded, and Caribbean bliss.

If you are adventure seeker, Sailfish Encounter is also available during the same season as the Bull Sharks. Swim with the fastest and most elegant fish and learn more about these hunters in their natural habitat.

diving with bull sharks

Bull Shark Excursion - Playa del Carmen & Xcaret/ Riviera Maya

Supplement for 1 dive at Bull Shark Point & 1 local reef dive 

Regular price: US$65.00

Online price with 10% discount: US$58.50

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Bull Shark Excursion from Maroma/ Puerto Aventuras/ Xpu-Ha/ Riviera Maya

Supplement for 1 dive at Bull shark point & 1 local reef dive (incl. transportation)

Regular price: US$105.00

Online price with 10% discount: US$94.50

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Bull shark Excursion from Cozumel

Supplement Bull shark 1 dive at Bull shark point & 1 local dive in Riviera Maya, including transportation in Riviera Maya (2 dives, gear, transportation in Cozumel and park fee not included)

Regular price: US$105.00

Online price with 10% discount: US$94.50

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Sailfish Run Mexico

Snorkeling Safari, full day ab Playa del Carmen, (Dec through Feb/ Mar)

Regular price: US$259.00

Online price with 10% discount: US$233.10

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