PADI Bull Shark Diving in Playa del Carmen Distinctive Specialty

We’ve designed a new PADI Bull Shark Diving in Playa del Carmen Distinctive Specialty Course for you! Now you can boost your skills and get familiar with this top predator during this most pulse-pounding specialty course ever.

The course consists of a classroom session and two open water dives, and you will receive  a certification card from PADI!

« Playa del Carmen is famous for its annual visitors the bull sharks and for many years people have come to dive with the sharks. This course has been created especially for diving with these majestic creatures in and around Playa del Carmen, Mexico. Its aim is to provide you with information about the Bull Shark, as well as dispel many myths associated with these animals and sharks in general.  We also hope to raise awareness of the threats posed to sharks and what you can do to help.  With the open water dives we hope that you will get the opportunity to see these animals first hand and that this Specialty course will enrich and improve the experience. » says Jo Armitage, Pro Dive International – Mexico’s Platinum Course Director.

She adds « There will also be the option to further enrich the experience by being able to listen to the instructor underwater, using OceanReef Full Face Mask and Underwater Communication units.  The instructor will wear a full face mask and the students use a receiver on their normal mask so they can listen to what he/she says, for example to point out identifying features of the sharks, and other interesting facts. »

By the way, it’s free with your IDC-course! 😉