Cenote Zapote/ Hell´s Bells

Cenote Zapote is named after the Sapote trees growing nearby. It is located on the « Ruta de los Cenotes » the old road from Puerto Morelos to Valladolid. Zapote has quite a deep drop from the land surface to the water surface of 6m/20ft but its access is easy via stairs. The walls will rise above you like a fortress and once you start your descent they become narrower until a depth of 20m/66ft before starting to open back up again.

This is a dive for experienced divers because of the depth and excellent buoyancy control essential to avoid uncontrolled descents or ascents. Once you reach a depth of 30m/100ft you will be above the talus cone in a bell shaped chamber with a narrow skylight in the top through which you just descended. Halocline and a thin misty layer of Hydrogen Sulfide floating on top of it, as well as some of the most amazing and incredible formations will guarantee a memorable dive.

Commonly described as bells, elephant feet, shower heads or trumpets, they will truly take your breath away with their strange beauty and impressive size.

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