Cenote Bat Cave

The Bat Cave dive is the darker of the two dives in the system of « Dos Ojos« . It is a series of rooms and passages underneath an air filled « Bat Cave » in which only little daylight enters. Here an ascent is worthwhile to marvel at the stunning decorations and bats hiding between the stalactites. Good buoyancy control is required as you will virtually be flying through passageways filled with beautiful and fragile speleotherms. Cave Divers can plan many different dives and continue miles in either direction into this extensive Cave System. With about 60kms of explored length and connected to over 25 Cenotes, Dos Ojos is one of the longest system on the Yucatan Peninsula up to date. IMAX Movies chose this location to shoot parts of the IMAX Film  » Journey into the Amazing Caves« 

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