Three Reasons to Stay & Dive in Maroma

Embedded in idyllic virgin beaches, lush mangrove forests that are roamed by adorable local wildlife like spider monkeys and coatis, azure waters of the Caribbean Sea and extraordinary coral reefs inhabited by small and large marine life, lies Punta Maroma. 


A picture-perfect vacation away from the crowds for the entire family!

1. Pristine yet central location

The Riviera Maya’s hidden gem is located 35 km/ 21 mi south of Cancun International Airport and 20 km/ 12 mi north of the center of Playa del Carmen, and was named one of the most beautiful beaches in the world by The Travel Channel.

The world’s second-largest barrier reef lies right offshore and is perfect for scuba diving, learning to dive, and snorkeling excursions. Water sports enthusiasts will also enjoy activities like sailing and kayaking.

The Riviera Maya’s famous underground freshwater cave system – cenotes, Cozumel Island’s vibrant reefs, Akumal’s sea turtles, the spectacular archeological site of Tulum and Chichen Itza as one of the New Seven Wonders of the World, Isla Mujeres, Isla Contoy’s whale sharks during the summer months (June – mid September), sailfish and bull sharks during the winter season (December – mid March), can be easily explored during day or half day trips. 


2. Amazing reefs for scuba diving & snorkeling

10 Dive Sites near Maroma

A few boat-minutes away from the shores of Playa Maroma, you’ll dive into a well-preserved underwater world. With dive sites too far to reach by boat from Playa del Carmen, Maroma’s reefs are lesser known and frequented by divers.


◉ Los Arcos –  21-30 m/ 65-100 ft

Los Arcos, which means  ‘the arches’, is named after its two impressive two arches which shelter large schools of fish, crustaceans and moray eels. Sponges, hard and soft corals cover the 5m/ 16 ft high wall sections that come into detail while you are descending into the deep blue. As you drift along, groupers, turtles and stingrays can be found in the sandy areas of this reef. Due to its mostly strong currents, this is a great drift dive for advanced divers.


◉ Cerebros – 6-13 m/ 20-45 ft 

Let’s talk about brains, as this is what Cerebros literally means, referring to the dive site’s huge heads of brain coral. Located north of Los Arcos in front of Tres Rios, it’s the northernmost reef in Playa del Carmen. Due to its distance, it belongs to the least dived reefs in this area of the Riviera Maya. 


The scenic underwater landscape of stunning coral formations, beautiful arches and swim-throughs is inhabited by a variety of crustaceans like lobsters, shrimps and king crabs, moray eels, Great Barracudas, as well as a large diversity of tropical reef fish such as Porkfish, Yellowfin Grouper and Gray Angelfish.

This dive is suitable for all skill levels, due to the reef’s shallow depth and gentle to little drift. For optimal visual conditions, dive Cerebros on a calm sunny day for optimal visual conditions.

◉ Eden Rock – 7-19 m/ 23-60 ft

Referring to ​​its abundant natural beauty and appearance, El Eden’s massive coral plateau lets you drift along and explore all its levels. Hiding in the massive barrel sponges and holes along the wall, Great Barracudas visit this site for a proper clean-up and giant stingrays doze off in the sand. 


◉ Laberinto – 8-11 m/ 26-36 ft

As the name suggests this reef is a labyrinth of coral formations to explore through. The corals that formed these stunning constructions grow as little as a few millimeters per year. So imagine the age of this reef as you swim through! Expect to see large schools of grunts, king crabs, lobsters, turtles and much more.  


◉ Pared Faro – 10-16 m/ 33-50 ft 

Located near Maroma’s lighthouse and giving the site its name ‘Lighthouse reef’ and gently drift over stunning soft and hard coral and spot angelfish, butterfly fish, big eye squirrel fish, turtles, morays and stingrays.  

◉ Acuario – 6-12 m/ 20-40 ft

A gentle current takes you over this vibrant reef, pristine soft and hard corals, huge colorful sponges and a great diversity of fish. Look for king crabs and lobsters that are hiding amongst the reef, morays in holes at the base of the wall and stingrays in the sand. 

◉ Coral Garden – 12 m/ 40 ft

A perfect dive site for beginners and excellent setting for a first dive – shallow, plenty of marine life, beautiful corals and easy conditions. Swim through schools of dozing grunts, see massive green moray eels with up to 2m/ 6ft in length!!, trumpet fish, cute little box fish and bulging eyed porcupine fish.


◉ Maroma Shallow – 10-19 m/ 30-60 ft

This softly curving reef wall is home to peacock flounders blending in with the sand, stingrays, small shrimps, huge king crabs and literally hundreds of reef fish. Especially watch out for the cleaning stations of small yellow cleaning wrasse nibbling the parasites of their larger neighbors. 

◉ Maroma Deep –  25-30 m/ 80-100 ft

A great drift dive for advanced divers past a stunning 5 m/ 16 ft high wall between. Similar to Maroma Shallow, this coral wall curves, and you are likely to see a few larger pelagic fish here as well, besides barracudas, turtles, moray eels, and huge porgies. 

◉ Pared Verde – 21-30m/ 70-100 ft 

As one of the most famous walls in this area, Pared Verde is not your typical drop-off reef, as the wall is split into sections by sandy slopes that let it appear like several smaller walls. Pared Verde, translating as ‘green wall’, boasts spectacular coral formations that are inhabited by smaller and larger marine life. Turtles, barracudas, sharks, spiny lobsters, king crabs, stingrays and schools of tropical fish can be observed while drifting in the medium to strong current. 

This dive site is less visited due to its far distance by boat from Playa del Carmen and Maroma. A dive there can usually only be arranged for a minimum number of advanced divers.     


3. The magnificent Catalonia Playa Maroma

This resort alone is worth a visit! This gorgeous five star beach retreat with its typical Mexican decoration in vibrant colors and palapa roofs surrounded by the native jungle makes Catalonia Playa Maroma the perfect place for anyone to spend a blissful vacation in the midst of the idyllic Mayan paradise.


Named after the magnificent beach stretch known as Playa de Punta Maroma, the resort features a total of 410 rooms in different categories (interconnected rooms available), distributed in 6 buildings of 2 and 3 floors, each with their own terrace or balcony and comprehensive amenities. Guests can enjoy delicious all-inclusive food and beverages in several restaurants, bars, a crêperie and food trucks. 

For those who want to stay connected or brag about their heavenly experience in the Riviera Maya, WIFI is free. Guests who want to enjoy the fun in the sun, besides the fantastic portfolio of activities and tours offered by the hotel’s official dive and water sports service provider Pro Dive International, the hotel grounds feature a freshwater swimming pool, disco, theater, Catalonia’s signature Alegria SPA, a gym and other sports facilities, a Kids Club for ages 4-12, entertainment for adults and kids during days and nights, and so much more!


Get your special deal and prepare for an unforgettable vacation!


✓ 5 nights, garden view room

✓ All-Inclusive meal plan 

✓ 3 days x 2 dives (total of 6 dives)



How to start your Maroma Adventure?

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