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16 of September 2018 by Kimberly Fields

I am writing this due to my experience I had with staff in Catalonia Riviera Maya.  First, everyone was very informative and helpful.  You could really tell they loved their jobs.  Second, I have to say a special Thank You to Roeland, he had patience of steel with me.  I’m not sure I would have went down if it wasn’t for him.  He was with me the whole time and made sure I was ok frequently.  I’m sad I didn’t get to do the whole dive because I got sick.  But I will do it again cause I loved it when I was down.  Thank you Roeland, you are awesome.  Third, the attitudes everyone had was amazing.  I will always and highly recommend this company to people to travel with.

Thank you again, from a very satisfied customer Kimberly Fields

9 July 2018 by Ruben Omar Martinez Garcia

Felicitaciones equipo!!!

Disfruté recientemente de las salidas de buceo con PRO DIVE MEXICO del Hotel Occidental Grand Cozumel. Simplemente quiero agradecer a todo el staff que compone dicha filial, me atendieron de maravilla, me sentí muy mimado, bien asesorado, entienden perfectamente varios idiomas, son muy profesionales y felicito especialmente al gerente de recursos humanos que ha escogido a los mejores recursos para hacer nuestra estadía allí maravillosa.

Quiero felicitar a Sochi, Ana Lisa, Laura, Corni, David, Mylene, Ivana, Pablo, la tripulación de los barcos, en fín… Es mi segunda vez con Pro Dive México y no lo cambio por otro prestador de servicios. Buen año!!! Mil Gracias!!!



17 de Junio 2018 by Cristina Vecchio

Estuvimos bucenado el dia 12/06/18 en Cozumel, excelente experiencia, y especila mencion al instructor y el grupo de personas que nos atendieron, David, Lexi,Hernan,Luis, inmejorable calidad humana y profesionalismo

08 May 2017 by Kerry Coffman

Subject: Coralie – THANKS for a great trip!!– MUD – April 22-29, 2017



I wanted to thank you again for all the work you did in helping us (MUD/Metuchen Underwater Divers) have a fantastic dive trip.   It was great and went very smoothly thanks largely to you. Everyone had a excellent time.  The ProDive folks (at the Catalonia) were great. Anja took care of us (in so many ways) and Eli, Nico and Sylvian/Dory were with us on the boat – for the boat dives.  The four of us that dove the Cenotes (Monday-Friday) dove with Nick (Nicholas White) every day, and Nick was great. It seemed as if every day the Cenote dives were getting better and better.

Everyone enjoyed the resort (Catalonia Riviera Maya y Yucatan). We checked into the Maya, but our rooms were actually at the Yucatan, but it all sort of nicely blended together.  The food was excellent and the service was very nice.

We also really appreciate you making all the ground transportation arrangements for us. That helped in making things go very smoothly.

Thanks again, and hopefully we’ll be diving with y’all again soon.

Kerry Coffman – for Metuchen Underwater Dives/MUD

19 February 2017 by Jeff Greb

Just wanted to send you a note reference your services at the Occidental Grand hotel on Cozumel. A group of us enjoyed your staff a great deal. They were very accommodating, professional, and were very engaging with all the divers, no matter their experience level. We particularly enjoyed our Dive Master Juan Vega. After diving with him once, we requested him for all our dives. He was very personable, professional and a pleasure to dive with. He went out of way to accommodate our group and everyone felt that he was the primary reason for our wonderful experience. A big great  job to all your staff.

24 December 2016 by AJ Paul

Hi Marike,

I just wanted to let you know what an amazing time I had at shark school! Spending time with the bull sharks was truly one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I also learned so much from Pascal. His lectures were truly inspiring and I learned so much. Gustavo was also an excellent dive master and took great care of us. I’m telling everyone I know about your program and look forward to returning.


AJ Paul

31 October 2016 by Jürgen und Monika

Hallo liebes Tauchteam,

Vielen Dank für die tollen Tauchausflüge, Ein unvergessliches Erlebnis 🙂 auch für die sehr gute Vorbereitung und schnellen Antworten auf meine Fragen,

Lg Jürgen und Monika 😉

15 October 2016 by Linda and Jeroen

Hi Coralie,

Sad times for us now we have just been working again in the UK for a week and are missing the dives in Mexico.
Not only the dives but also the great staff we met.
Julio and his crew at Playacar have been very great, friendly and well organised. It has been a great experience. We booked another 3 dives each and Linda decided to take the advance open water course.
Unfortunately we haven’t met you in person but we wanted to thank you for the arrangements you made.
Next time we are around we will sure be diving with you guys again!!!!

Best wishes,

Linda and Jeroen
PS please say Hi to the crew at Playacar for us 🙂

27 September 2016 by Paula & Darren

Hi Coralie

Just wanted to say a huge thank you for all of your help over the last few months.

The diving has been fantastic and the great service we have received really did start with you.

Please forward this email to you manager as I would like them to know how grateful we have been for all your help and support.

Kind Regrds

Paula & Darren

12 July 2016 by Gina Mayfield

Hi Britt,

My friends and I just returned from a great trip to Mexico which included several dives with your group. I wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed the experience and look forward to our next trip. The entire staff at Pro Dive was professional, courteous, knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. The dives were fantastic, I just wish we had scheduled more days so we could have done more. Our dive masters were Louis, Loli and Hans and they were all just GREAT!!!



Best Regards,

Gina Mayfield

12 July 2016 by Angie Salazar

Occidental Grand Xcaret – Scuba Diving: Salazar Family


I wanted to send a letter to express my deepest gratitude for the experience you provided for me and my family last week while we were vacationing in Mexico.  I know you get travelers from all over the world and see so many different people each day.  However, I want you to know that the experience you provided for my children will affect them forever.  Your care, patience, diligence and genuine love for diving was evident in how you interacted with my children and me.  Without going into detail, my daughter Olivia has been through more difficult times and heartache in her short 12 years than most people experience in a lifetime.  This adventure of Scuba diving with you all gave her confidence, lifted her spirits and has given her an even deeper love of the ocean.  Please just know you all have made a huge impact on her and as her mother, I am truly grateful.

To Sergio, thank you for the introduction of scuba diving in the pool.  The first impression is what sold the kids on having the confidence to actually do it.  🙂   First impressions are always the most important! It is very clear why you are the leader of that team.

To Juan, thank you for your instructions, care, guidance, calmness and patience with our family.  From the training in and out of the pool, to the actual dives in the ocean, you were the best!  Seriously, I can not stress enough how great this was for my children.. And you played such an enormous part. 🙂

To Paul, thank you for the support during our dive in and out of the water.  Your calmness and helpfulness did not go unnoticed.  Trust me, I was aware of my surroundings and had my eye on you and Juan the whole time, which helped me with my own confidence while diving 🙂

To David, thank you for capturing this truly beautiful experience.  Your work is fantastic and we have watched the video at least a dozen times. 🙂

Thanks again gentlemen!  It was certainly the highlight of our vacation!  Maybe we see you all again one day !!!

Take Care,

Angie Salazar

04 July 2016 by Mario Soto Espinosa

hola, buen dia!! les escribo desde chile y la idea es poder felicitarles por la calida acogida del team Xcaret. quienes contactamos en xcaret occidental y terminamos buceando en cozumel. sin duda una experiencia maravillosa!!!! muchas gracias a todos!! …especialmente a ximena por su simpatia, amabilidad y por soportarnos!!! igualmente a sergio y especialmente al profesor oscar…el italianisimo…. todos muy profesionales. quienes hicieron posible lo mejor de las vacaciones en Mexico!!!!

01 July 2016 by Lindsay Markin

Hi Marike,

Thanks again for taking me and Mike diving in Cozumel and Playa…. Both places very professional and thorough. I do site inspections on a lot of dive shops and both locations clearly had safety first in mind and the briefings were excellent.

I forget the lady’s name from Columbia in Cozumel, but it was Mike’s first official dive and since she was an instructor she helped him with buoyancy. I always dive with Nitrox and very few places ever have me fill out the log and she made sure it was done.

Gustavo was the Best! I learned so much about Cenotes that I can now pass on to my customers that are trying to decide if they want to go. Again at this point Mike had 8 dives and still struggled with his buoyancy and Gustavo worked on his weight distribution… I have trouble carrying my gear and he gladly took care of it for me. He answered all our questions and made us feel very comfortable diving in that environment. Never rushed us and yet kept us on schedule to meet up with the other divers for the transfer back.

I am extremely happy with my experience and truly I have no suggestions or complaints. I will be happy to continue to send our divers to ProDive. Have a great day!

Lindsay Markin

06 June 2016 by Troy Knott

Hi Susann and Coralie!

I want to say a sincere thank you to both of you and all of the local dive crew. The trip was fantastic. Allegro itself had a couple of not great things, but was still pleasurable staying there. The main thing though was all the staff, dives, boats, etc of Pro Dive were amazing. Gemma, Loli, Manu, Nico, and Hans made a super great time for us. they are fun, super knowledgeable and take real personal care of all the divers.  You both know that Caren is a brand new diver and she was very nervous about diving. Diving with Hans especially was a real treat. He was who Caren did most of her dives and he made her feel so comfortable and confident. Please extend a warm thank you to him and all the crew for us. We didn’t get to see most of them on our last day so we were sorry we couldn’t say proper goodbyes. Also Mark and Adrian over on the mainland who led our cenote were awesome as well. Adrian had Caren excited to do more dives in the caverns!

All the best,


26 May 2016 by Josef Gebbing

Hallo Marike.

So nun sind die vierzehn Tage um.

Ein kurzes Feedback es war geil!!!!

Wir sagen Danke für alles.

Danke für all die schönen Stunden und Tage.

Liebe Grüße von Petra und Josef

25 May 2016 Joss Creed


Hi Marike

I had a great time in Cozumel, on all the dives. The crew and guides were all great, as were the dives.

Thanks for accommodating all my changes etc, I do appreciate it.

I’ll definitely let my friends know to contact you folks when diving in the area.

Thank you,


22 May 2016 by Kerry Coffman for Metuchen Underwater Divers/MUD

Coralie (and Pro Dive Mexico),

We (MUD/Metuchen Underwater Divers) just got home last night, and I wanted to thank everyone at Pro Dive Mexico for a great trip.  All of the folks at Pro Dive (in Cozumel/Occidental Grand Cozumel) were fantastic.   That includes Florence, Marc, Camila, Liann, Jon, the mates on the boats, the boat captains and everyone else at the shop.   Also, the shop at Puerto Adventuras (when we made the Cenote dive at Chikin Ha) was also great, especially the actual guides/divers (including Gustavo and Nick).   In addition Jesus who picked us up near the Ferry Terminal in Playa Carmen and drove us  around did great.  They did a great job, and  helped make this a great trip.  Hopefully, we will be able to dive with Pro Dive Mexico again.


Kerry Coffman for Metuchen Underwater Divers/MUD

19 May 2016 by Rick Maxwell

Hi Patricia,

I just want to let you know how great my diving trips were!  The transportation worked out perfect, The reef sites we went to were really good, a bit of a drift on the first one that was cool.  The second dive was more canyons and swim throughs.  It was a bit rough and i got sick both times right when I got out of the water….  (it was worth it) As always we dive as a group on the worst air consumption, (surfaced with almost half a tank)  But hey thats diving and its unavoidable.

The Cenote’s were really nice as well.  I especially liked the last dive «Tajma ha» So cool with the light shafts coming in.  My group was really fun as well!

Thanks for all the great communication!  Next year you will be hearing from me again!

Take care,


17 May 2016 by Marc Schaeffer

Hi Coralie, Patrica, Marike and the rest (Lexi, Laura, Annabel, toby …….  and the names I forgot)

Just to let you know, I really enjoyed diving with you again, also the last dive the night dive was great!

I’ll will  return to Mexico (probably not this year) and hope to see you all again in the future



10 May 2016 by Samuel Yanez

Buenos Di­as..

Quisiera comentarles que hace unos dias estuvimos en el Hotel Dreams Puerto Aventuras donde tuvimos la fortuna de que nos atendiera Jaime y Teo con el Catamaran topcat. Quiero felicitarlos por el profesionalismo, organización, servicio y la amabilidad que nos brindaron ellos y en general todos el equipo. Fue una bonita experiencia.




23 April 2016 by Chris Sutton


I wanted to take a moment to thank you and Pro Dive for a great dive while I was on vacation.  You guys are truly a 5 STAR dive shop.

Thank you,


17 April 2016 by Amy Groves

I recently stayed at the Catalonia Riviera Maya resort and found the Pro Dive team incredibly helpful and welcoming.

In my first few days of arriving here I was quickly able to set up my Open Water referral course and on my second day I was able to do my Open Water dives. Everything ran very smoothly and was well organised.

My main reason for getting in touch was to highlight one member of staff in particular. Nathael was by far the best PADI instructor I have ever had. His teaching and instructions were clear and you knew exactly what was going to happen. He made the whole thing very enjoyable, in the water he was attentive but still made you feel independent. He spotted everything in the water and showed the same excitement and enthusiasm as if it was his first time in seeing the sea life.

I also went on the day trip to Cozumel on Tuesday 12th which again, was well organised which made me and my sister who I went with feel relaxed and was thoroughly enjoyable. I dived with Nick and my sister snorkeled with Veronica, again they were both professional yet engaging.

I would like to thank the Pro Dive team at Catalonia for such a fantastic experience and service.

I look forward to scuba diving again here soon!

Many thanks
Amy Groves


03 April 2016 by Hilton and Cindy Ritter

We just wanted to once again thank you for our wonderful diving experiences on March 29 & 30 booked from our resort, the Catalonia Royal Tulum.  Carlos and Luis were extremely helpful in setting up our dives.

Eli gave Cindy a refresher course which made her feel much more comfortable as a novice diver. Eli was also our dive leader at Castillo where she did an excellent job and made Cindy feel comfortable on the dive as well. We appreciate her getting us to and from the boat and to the transport back to our hotel. She is a delightful young lady!

Nick was our dive leader at Planacar Gardens and Punta Dalila. He also did an excellent job and watched out for Cindy too.  We appreciate his getting us to and from our destination as well, along with his courteous and respectful manner.

Thank you for an awesome diving experience.

Hilton and Cindy Ritter

25 March 2016 by Dustin Pfister

Thank y’all so much for such an incredible number of experiences.

Martias did an excellent job during my refresher course.  It had been about 6 years since my last dive, but his expertise and eagerness to answer any question I had put my mind at ease.  The dive he took us on was so much fun.  Great visibility, and Martias found some really cool fish for us to look at.

The Cenotes were soooo cool.  I’ve never seen anything like that.  So many surprises around each corner.  Very humbling dive.

Pierre was awesome.  Such a great guy.  He gave me a few pre-dive tips that greatly improved my mobility during dives.  I really enjoyed my conversations with him.  The dive he took us on was absolutely breathe taking.  He showed me my first sea turtle and first moray eel!!!  It was so cool….  Best dive ever.

Thank you all for being so kind and for offering such great experiences.  I will definitely recommend you to all of my friends.

20 March 2016 by Bill & Tennie


Just wanted to send you a note telling you how great a time Tennie had in Mexico!  Your dive team was exceptional and she got certified as a Enriched Air Diver (Nitrox) as well.  As I made a mistake and ordered too many dives, your staff was fabulous in crediting her with other opportunities.  She can’t say enough about her experiences and you were the original source of this adventure!  Thank you again and please pass this along to your supervisor.  Your patience and costumer service was exceptional!  If headed to Mexico again, I will be sure to contact you for assistance. Thanks again,

Bill Shardlow (the stay at home husband 🙂 )

04 March 2016 by Gary & Lyn Woodgate

Awesome diving with Pro Dive Mexico

We had a 2 week holiday staying at the Occidental Grand in Cozumel and the diving has been fantastic. We have dived in Australia, the Maldives and Cape Verde and we can honestly say that this is the best dive holiday we have ever had and we have 400+ dives between the two of us. Pro dive Mexico have been amazing to dive with. Our 11 year old daughter did her Open Water qualification dives with Marc Gaugain and he was an excellent instructor. Our daughter loved diving with him and felt extremely comfortable with him. He has a wonderful way with kids and adults alike and he was brilliant on all of our dives. We managed to do 70 dives between the 3 of us and have seen numerous nurse sharks, turtles, eagle Rays, moray eels, toad fish etc. Most of these were pointed out to us by Marc. The coral formations are really beautiful as well. We will definitely be coming back next summer to dive with them again. Cornelio was fantastic at looking after all our dive gear and always helped us carry our gear to and from the dive boats. He also washed our wetsuits and equipment after each trip. It is staff like Cornelio and Marc that make Pro Dive Mex a pleasure to dive with. They are all so friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. We would definitely recommend diving with them. They are a 5 Star dive centre.


26 February 2016 by Jeff Van Schepen

Dive at Cozumel

I just wanted to send a quick note of appreciation for the Pro-Dive team at the Occidental Grand in Cozumel. Cami was our instructor in the Discovery Dive course, then also in the reef dives.  She did an excellent job, was a great communicator, and overall we just really appreciated her passion as she shared the enjoyment of diving.  After our discovery day, and two reef dives, we decided to add another day.  Overall we just really appreciated her leadership, guidance, and ability to make this an experience of a lifetime.  Thanks Camille, and the Prodive team.

25 February 2016 by Alex Castillo


Just want to say thank you. It was such a great experience, our dive master Ivo was sooooo good, he’s very nice and professional. We enjoyed so much!!

Thank you.

Alex Castillo

25 November 2015 by Joanna

Diving was amazing.

The first dive I did with Camila and second with Alfonso and I enjoyed both a lot. Made me a happy girl for a day. Lovely reef in Maroma, very easy for beginners I think! and I didn’t realise how close Pro Dive is to our hotel. I can give first hand advise now! I usually when asked only advise the dive centres that I know out of experience, as a diver I feel uncomfortable to advise on centres I haven’t used myself. So that was super helpful as well to see it and try- thanks so much! You have lovely people working in that centre, I wanted always to do DM and if I ever take a break from work and decide to do it, this will have to be with Pro Dive!



22 November 2015 by Shona Milligan

Thanks to Pro Dive!


I would like to take this opportunity to let you know how much my group enjoyed their diving with Pro Dive!

We know you endeavoured to make our Ultimate Dive Experience the best it could be.

Nacho, Luca, Kate and Denise made sure we were looked after and happy.

Javier was a great leader and I can’t say enough about Aquanauta II – Primo and Pedro are the best!

Everyone on this trip were returning guests and all agreed they would go back.

The changes that the new owners are making were obvious, hopefully the cost of staying at the Allegro won’t increase to much.

The hotel staff always are a pleasure to see.

Thanks AGAIN!


11 November 2015 by Laura

We went to the cenotes snorkel yesterday 11/10. David our guide was fantastic. We loved dos ojos & the turtles. I think his name was David we left from Grand xcaret hotel. Thank you.


03 November 2015 by Susana Moline

Marike, Mil gracias por tu apoyo en la coordinación de los buceos que realizamos el fin de semana en Cozumel.  Quiero felicitarlos por el profesionalismo, organización, servicio y amabilidad que nos brindaron todos.  Fue una experiencia sin lugar a dudas maravillosa  y segura que ojala podamos repetir pronto.



21 August 2015 by Ian Chapman

Thank you for your advice and help when booking our diving with ProDive, and please could you pass on our thanks to Oliver and the team at ProDive Catalonia Yucatan Beach and Dream hotel for looking after our diving needs during our recent vacation. My Daughter Felicity was extremely happy to have been able to complete her diving qualification with PADI whilst on holiday and Lewis and Myself both enjoyed our dives lead by Artem.

Kind regards



26 Oct 2014 by Allan from Mexico

My wife and I stayed at the Royal Hideaway Playacar – we were offered a pool dive experience with Suzy (Yorkshire lass) who calmly took us through the procedure and gave a short introductory dive. There was no hard sell and a couple of days later we booked a dive, had a safety lesson with Suzy and went out in the afternoon, just the two of us with Suzy my wife had some problems with her ears and had to leave the dive part way through but by then had achieved an ambition she thought she would never do, to actually dive with SCUBA equipment properly. 3 years ago she would not put her face
under the water but had until she managed to snorkel. Suzy and the staff were great, safety was their paramount concern, It was down to the gentle encouragement that we both achieved a lifetime ambition and dived. These guys are great professional to the core. Thank You for the experience. :D

25 July 2015 by Michael Marotta

My wife, 11 year old daughter, and I just returned from a vacation at the Allegro resort from July 9 to the 16th. We went out on 2 snorkel boats, and 1 whale shark trip. Coming from someone who worked on a dive boat in Los Angeles for 12 years, I just wanted to say we could not have had a better experience. The staff at the dive shop were friendly, helpful, and took care of us. The boat and Whale Shark crews were great and made sure everyone had a good time. Both the first time snorkelers and more experienced divers were able to enjoy themselves and the dive masters in the water were very responsive. Cozumel’s reefs are amazing and the were constantly pointing out things to see. We saw turtles, an eagle ray, parrot fish, and of course WHALE SHARKS! Everyone on the boat got to see them, I have some incredible photos to show off. The Iguanas under the patio at the dive shop were really cool to watch as well.

Thanks again for a great time.

28 Jun 2013 by Paola Gorriateguy from Chile

Hola!!! Quería dar las gracias a todo el equipo Prodive México por su excelente trabajo, organización, y siempre por atender con una gran sonrisa y buena onda! Mi marido y yo lo pasamos muy bien !! Y esperamos volver pronto!! Un abrazo especial para Joey, Hans, Ángel, Memo, Primo, el Mudo, en fin! Felices de haber pasado las vacaciones buceando con ustedes!!
Gracias Paola Gorriateguy y Luis Moreno

8 July 2015 by Flocerfida Benincasa

Just got back from our vacation. Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that our experience was wonderful! Your staff was well organized and very professional. You have a great organization! Wish you guys all the best and we will be travelling with you again.

Thank you…


16 June 2015 by Joel Loudermilk

Thanks for all your help setting up our dive vacation.  Everyone had a fabulous time and the Whale Shark Safari turned out great!  Thanks again, and next time, we are going with Pro Dive again.

10 May 2015 by Don Schellhammer

Hello. We just returned to the states from allegro playacar. I want to leave feedback on your wonderful staff and guides that helped us on our 2 excursion trips.

27 April 2015 by Jeff Aldrich

My wife and I had an amazing time thanks to two fine gentlemen of yours. Obviously Gustavo and Danny are passionate about their work. Gustavo, thank you for being a genuinely caring human being. The care and concern you showed to my wife who was feeling increasingly ill was most appreciated. We certainly had a much better time on our second attempt at snorkeling. Also most respected is your connection with people. We were amazed by your magnetic personality and linguistics (I believe you said 5 or 7 different languages). It seemed that people naturally find a kindred spirit in you. Thanks as well to you, Danny. You guided us to some amazing sights and helped to make a very memorable experience for us. You showed true care and concern for everyone snorkeling with you. You truly know your way around!

16 Mar 2015 by Jeff Hall from USA

I wanted to leave a good «guest feedback» review about our great experience on a recent vacation at the Puerto Aventuras (Dreams) location. Salvador, Laura, & Julio were great instructors and we enjoyed both our dives we had during our week at the resort. They were attentive, well-spoken (in many languages), and very welcoming. I have been at other resorts for dives and these instructors were very friendly, knowledgeable, and great to dive with. They are all great representatives of the company and I want to commend them for their professionalism and the entire experience.

23 Dec 2014 by Steve Graeser from Ofallon Missouri USA

Prodive Occidental Royal Hideaway Playacar

December 2014

This is to inform anyone traveling to the Playacar Mexico area and might want some fun and exciting water activities. Before traveling to any foreign destinations it is highly advisable to do your research use everything that is available to you including social media, trip advisor, and of course padi.com just to name a few.  I have had some very bad experiences with some pretty shading operations and have learned by my mistakes. I performed several queries and more than once PRODIVE Mexico came up.

Upon a recent vacation to playacar with a group of friends we encountered a diamond in the rough so to speak.  This is not saying that playacar is a rough, it is a truly beautiful place it is just a figure of speech.

Our group consisted of 8 folks all who love the water but myself being the only scuba diver so I wanted to include them on any water activities I could find.  Prodive Mexico, Occidental Royal Hideaway Playacar is the location we decided to check out, and boy was I pleased.

Upon entering the shop I encountered a very pleasant, cheerful, young man by the name of Juan Carlos (boss man). Instantly I felt a calming, relaxing feeling while talking with Juan Carlos.  He was very professional, personable, and intelligent.  I talked with him for quite a while discussing several activity packages, his willingness to work with me was very reassuring for some shops would not take the time to do this.  We settled on a package that we thought would work for us.  The excursions would include snorkeling in Cozumel and several diving activities to include the bull sharks.

I also must confess that I felt so comfortable with Juan Carlos I discussed a personal issue that happened many years before. My wife 20+ years prior tried discover scuba diving with a pretty shady operation and the end result was her mask flooded, her not being comfortable with clearing nearly caused her to drown, after this she swore she would never dive again.  This was very disheartening for two of the loves of my life were not coming together.  I wanted her to experience the beauty of the underwater world and see what I see, all she could do is experience this though my pictures and words.

Juan Carlos was very disturbed with this and took this as a personal mission to help.   He wanted to try to get her over this fear and hopefully get her back in the water.  I knew he had this in his best intentions, and this was not a way to drum up business.  He volunteered to perform a free demo, get her in the pool and would personally work with her one on one.  This truly touched my heart, after 20 years to get my wife back interested would be worth more than dollar figures.

Well the end result was IT WORKED, she felt so comfortable with Juan Carlos that she wanted to try discover scuba again.  Thank You Juan Carlos for this I will forever be grateful.

The discover scuba diving course was to be performed by instructor LUTZ. He was a very professional and experienced diver and took my wife and other members of my party in the pool, having them pass with flying colors. He would also take them on the open water portion of this course. I dove with Lutz several dives before this was to happen and felt very confident with his abilities.  Well all but my wife did the dive, she still had a few inhibitions and with pretty rough seas she decided to sit out.  This was not a reflection on Lutz’s abilities because after the dive the other members were very excited and now want to become certified.

Pictures and videos were remarkably handled by a very excited and energetic photographer by the name of FLO.  Her skills underwater with the camera made such great videos and with her infectious energy quickly has everyone pumped for the dives.  Although some video packages can be pricey the memories are well worth it and she did a fantastic job with these.

Everyone at the shop including the boat captains, assistants and the equipment folks were outstanding.

Now I leave the best for last. Most of my dives and our first excursion was with a very special guide by the name of LAURA. Whenever you book an excursion with prodive everything is included, taxi’s, ferries, and in some cases meals. She was very personable and you instantly knew she had years of experience.  She made everything go off without a hitch, getting us too and from the shop.   Although she wasn’t the snorkeling guide she took me on a fantastic underwater trip of Cozumel.  She is a person you can easily talk with and quickly became a member of our group.  I did several dives with Laura including the bull sharks and with her knowledge of these amazing animals I learned and experienced something that would be once in a lifetime.  Laura also heard about my wife because those two bonded instantly, found out she didn’t make the dive and volunteered to take her on a one on one journey.  Again for this I will be forever grateful.  Well again IT WORKED when I observed the boat returning from this trip and saw the smile on her and my wife’s face I knew it happened.  She now wants to become certified so she can dive with me.

I will be forever grateful to PRODIVE playacar for their willingness to work with us and taking this as a personal mission to insure I, my wife and my party had such a good time. They are a top notch shop and I would HIGHLY recommend them to anyone that travels to that location. JUAN CARLOS, LUTZ, and most of all LUARA thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I do plan to continue my dive education get instructor certified, get my wife certified and dive with you all again.



Steve Graeser  PADI dive master

Ofallon Missouri USA


19 Oct 2014 by Sonja & Fred from Germany

War toll mit euch zu Tauchen. Danke an Daniel, der mit uns getaucht ist und natürlich auch an alle anderen, die in der Tauchbasis waren und uns immer geholfen haben, besonders beim Ein- und Aussteigen am Boot, wenn der Wellengang wieder etwas stürmischer war. Alle waren auch sehr hilfsbereit, z.B. als ein Gummi von der Flosse gerissen ist, wurde sofort gerichtet, vielen Dank noch einmal.

Cozumel ist noch besser zum Tauchen. Die Riffe sind toll, riesige Krabben und Langusten. Einfach super.

Auch ein Dankeschön an Baptist, der mit uns zwei Cenoten betaucht hat. Waren gigantische Tauchgänge, ist ganz was anderes als im Meer.

Wir können nur sagen \»wow\». Sollte man unbedingt machen.

Wir kommen bestimmt mal wieder nach Mexiko.

Wir waren vom 30.09.-14.10.2014 in Playa del Carmen.

Sonja und Fred

02 Oct 2014 by Hielke de vries from Nederland

Geweldig georganiseerde duiken. Ons eerste aanspreekpunt was Anja die veel uitleg gaf over de mogelijkheden en duikstekken. Tijdens haar verhaal werd ik al steeds enthousiaster. Daarna gaan duiken met duikgids malcom die een goede en duidelijke briefing verzorgd voor en na het duiken. Ook tijdens de duik doet hij niet zomaar een trip maar probeerd zoveel mogelijk te laten zien van de onderwaterwereld. Ook het personeel op de boot was zeer behulpzaam, na de duik stonden ze ook gelijk klaar met water en vers fruit. Bij terugkomst op het resort werd gelijk door chef Alexa gevraagd of alles naar wens was en of er nog iets te verbeteren viel. Klagten heb ik zeker niet. Ik heb nu drie duiken met deze organisatie gedaan en het worden zeker nog meer!! Prodivemexico gewoon super!!!!

20 Jul 2014 by Karl Wolf from Deutschland

war super mit euch zu tauchen, danke an Alexa und Lucia die immer alles möglich gemacht und
organisiert haben, danke an unsere Guides Sergio, Mika, Joram und allen anderen deren Nammen ich vergessen habe, war sehr professional. Waren vom 24. Juni bis 8. Juli in Mexico Karl u. Jutta

02 Jul 2014 by Anders Tornquist from USA

We love diving in Cozumel both because of the warm water, the beautiful reefs and aquatic wild
life and the advantages of drift diving since you can cover much more distance in one dive when drifting along in the current. The people in Cozumel are very friendly and make us feel safe
where ever we go with our children. Talking about traveling with children, we’ve discovered
our favorite dive resort ProDIvae at Allegro, Cozumel, based on their excellent customer
service (responsiveness) and their experience in scuba diving with children. Now we come back
to the same dive resort every year for that reason. If you’re looking for a professional and safe dive experience for your children we recommend you check them out. Happy diving:) :D

21 May 2014 by Tommy Gore from England

Just got back from stay at Occidental Grand Cozumel, stayed from 2nd may till 16th may 2014. Used pro dive on site. And what a great team they are, I pre booked my diving prior to trip and everything went like a dream. the diving was amazing as I expected as I have been to Cozumel before.everyone from the dive centre and on the boats are hard working and very friendly, I have dived all over the world and I am a very advanced diver, they try their best to place you in a group as close as they can to your skill level and this helped me to achieve my max bottom times on every dive. would I recommend them ? without a doubt they are one of the best I have dived with and I have dived with a lot of dive companies.Well done pro dive Cozumel, looking forward to my next trip. best regards to all Tommy Gore. :lol: :lol: :lol:

April 2014 by Sarah Quigley - PADI MSDT (April 2014)

Pro Dive Mexico was nothing short of amazing!

My IDC experience with Pro Dive Mexico was nothing short of amazing! Angel, Jo, Nico and Aitor went above and beyond my expectations. Everything was so well organized and efficient…and a lot of the activities were so much fun too! When it came time for the PADI IE I felt so well prepared, and of course our entire group passed with flying colors. I highly recommend these guys to anyone considering doing the IDC in Mexico.

Sarah Quigley

20 Mar 2014 by Dan West from Canada

I dove with ProDive for 10 dives, and loved EVERY dive. The employees were very easy to deal with and the instructors were very knowlegable!

Most of my dives were from the Royal Hideaway by PlayaCar. i got a chance to talk to some of the staff between my dives and they are very friendly and easy to get along with. through them i got my
advanced diver certification, and plan on returning again to further my diving career. i would HIGHLY RECOMMEND ProDive to anyone visitiong mexico and looking to do any water sports.

Dan West

26 Jan 2014 by Mike Eggett from Canada

dove with pro dive for their 12 dive package. My wife and I upgraded to the
cenote, cozumel and bull shark dives. The staff was friendly and extremely polite and helpful. All the dives were amazing. We were picked up at our hotel and taken to the dive sites and returned to our
hotel. Will definitely use pro dive again on our return trips. A real pleasure to dive with.

24 Jan 2014 by Mehek & Ayman from London/ UK

We are Occidental Royal Club members who decided to stay in Mexico an extra week for our honeymoon, moving from Playacar to Cozumel – we stayed at Allegro for two days whilst Grand Cozumel was fully occupied , during this time my husband persuaded me to try a scuba demo at
the resort where we met Chris – PRO DIVE MEX instructor & the entire PRO DIVE team so helpful and welcoming – so awesome , so much so that after we moved next door to Grand Coz we returned daily for a week (PRO DIVE also had a station at Grand Coz) to complete my open water course & my husband’s advanced open water course..Chris is über professional whilst at the same time being so relaxed , funny & 100% focused on helping continuously. He has so much patience & his love for scuba really shows in his teaching. We are so pleased to have been taught by him (especially for me as he dealt with my anxiety & nervousness for an entire week in such a fantastic manner) & to leave our holiday with our qualifications and having made a great friend – we thank and highly recommend Chris , he’s a fantastic scuba instructor. See you soon!

22 Jan 2014 by Emily Rothwell from UK

:D Thank you so much! Spent 2 days with Pro Dive out from Catalonia Royal Tulum, it was amazing. The sea diving on first dive had so much coral of varying types to that which I had been used to seeing in the Red Sea it was a wonderful surprise. I did not go to the Red Sea this year as the fish were so used to me that they had started to wave! Little did I know what was in store for my second dive of the day; a Bull shark, a turtle, a huge lobster and fishes galore! Thank you Kenzo and Aida :)
Then Cenote diving was a whole new wonderful experience, awesome, quite breath taking. Thank you Luis and for your tips, it was brilliant day :)

12 Jan 2014 by Juerg Estermann from Switzerland

We stayed at the hotel Catalonya Royal Tulum. Sensational hotel with an amazing diving center. I had 8 beautiful dives. Cenotes: Must Do (sensational) Bull sharks: incredibly cool. Cosumel: Beautiful dive site.
The equipment of the dive center is perfect, staff very friendly, good dive center, dive guides were very knowledgeable.

03 Jan 2014 by Ana from Canada

I stayed at the Melia Cozumel during Christmas and did my PADI open water certification with
Ximena. She is very knowledgeable and I felt very comfortable with her during the training in the pool. I went diving at the Allegro hotel in Cozumel twice, the first time my instructor was Alex who was very patient and made us feel very comfortable and safe.I’m thankful I had my first dive with Alex who was very professional and made us feel very relaxed all the time. I want to thank the boat crew as well who were very helpful. I’ll be back to get my next certificate with Pro Dive in May 2014.

26 Oct 2014 by Allan from Mexico

My wife and I stayed at the Royal Hideaway Playacar – we were offered a pool dive experience with Suzy (Yorkshire lass) who calmly took us through the procedure and gave a short introductory dive. There was no hard sell and a couple of days later we booked a dive, had a safety lesson with Suzy and went out in the afternoon, just the two of us with Suzy my wife had some problems with her ears and had to leave the dive part way through but by then had achieved an ambition she thought she would never do, to actually dive with SCUBA equipment properly. 3 years ago she would not put her face
under the water but had until she managed to snorkel. Suzy and the staff were great, safety was their paramount concern, It was down to the gentle encouragement that we both achieved a lifetime ambition and dived. These guys are great professional to the core. Thank You for the experience. :D

05 Jul 2013 by Alan Kreter from USA

We just returned from our latest dive trip to the Puerto Adveturas area. We had been diving there
four times previously and had used another dive shop and we had been pleased with their service. I decided to check around when my son Sam wanted to get his PADI Dive Master certification. I contacted Angel Navarro and he sold me on trying Pro Dive for Sam’s certification. I should thank Angel for his work. We were VERY PLEASED with Pro Dive and Sam not only received quality instruction but was made to feel like part of the Pro Dive team. He completed his certification but
most of all he made many very good friends! Sam, Sue and I would like to thank Javi, Monica, Martin, Marcus (from SWEDEN!), Gina, Uys, and many more I’m sure I forgot for their hard work with Sam. I know Sam had fun, learned a lot, and I was able to dive with my son as he became a Dive Master. Before the Pro Dive experience Sam was only interested in becoming a Dive Master but after his training and personal experience with Pro Dive would now like to continue on to Instructor. As I said we had been to the area before and will certainly return and will definitely use Pro Dive for our
future trips.

28 Jun 2013 by Paola Gorriateguy from Chile

Hola!!! Quería dar las gracias a todo el equipo Prodive México por su excelente trabajo, organización, y siempre por atender con una gran sonrisa y buena onda! Mi marido y yo lo pasamos muy bien !! Y esperamos volver pronto!! Un abrazo especial para Joey, Hans, Ángel, Memo, Primo, el Mudo, en fin! Felices de haber pasado las vacaciones buceando con ustedes!!
Gracias Paola Gorriateguy y Luis Moreno

26 May 2013 by Joe Rider from USA

Just returned from Cozumel, Dove with the Allegro shop. Thanks for the wonderful time, from the great dive to the snorkeling for my wife, your staff did a great job. My 20 year old, who never wanted
to dive, took a resort dive course and made 2 dives. Your staff did a marvelous job, patient and took
the time with him. He had a blast and now wants to take a certification course. Thanks to all, Joey, Jorge, Martin, Alex, Fritz, Yuying Lee, and all the others i don’t know by name. I will schedule my next trips to the area at resorts your company services. Thanks for a Great Trip.