Founded in 1996, the Reef Check Foundation exists to help preserve the oceans and reefs which are critical to our survival, yet are being destroyed. With headquarters in Los Angeles and volunteer teams in more than 90 countries and territories, Reef Check works to protect tropical coral reefs and California rocky reefs through education, research and conservation.

Every year, Reef Check trains thousands of citizen scientist divers who volunteer to survey the health of coral reefs around the world, and rocky reef ecosystems along the entire coast of California. The results are used to improve the management of these critically important natural resources.

Reef Check programs provide ecologically sound and economically sustainable solutions to save reefs, by creating partnerships among community volunteers, government agencies, businesses, universities and other nonprofits.

Photo courtesy: Reef Check


Reef Check has coordinators, teams, and EcoDiver training facilities in countries around the world. Since the first Reef Check coral reef monitoring survey in 1997, over 10,000 surveys have been completed by Reef Check EcoDivers in over 95 countries and territories.

Reef Check organize worldwide auction in order to continue their efforts to help the future of reefs and the oceans. Every year, Pro Dive International and Occidental Cozumel donate stay&dive package for that online auction with respect towards their work and to support further protection of reefs and oceans.

The next annual online auction «Bid for the oceans» will be held in September, 2019.

You can find more about this auction here.