Punta Cana or Bayahibe

Your first time in the Dominican Republic? There’s so much to explore and you can’t decide whether to stay in Punta Cana or Bayahibe? This may help!

Punta Cana

Chosen by thousands of tourists every year, Punta Cana means tip of the cane palm tree that grows in abundance in the region. The resort town is popular with its endless beaches, palm tree alleys, turquoise waters and modern beach-front living

Favorite activities include golfing, recreational parks, surfing, diving, shopping, nightlife, and trips to the paradise islands Catalina and Saona located off Bayahibe.

Punta Cana is for you, if you

  1. plan to stay on the beach or at the hotel pool all day sipping cocktails.
  2. enjoy strolls along the endless 32-km sandy beach.
  3. prefer a hotel zone along the palm-fringed coastline rather than a cultural town center.
  4. don’t mind longer transfer times to the highlights of the destination like diving and snorkeling hotspots Bayahibe, Catalina and Saona Island. 
  5. favor the cooler, rougher seas of the Atlantic Ocean.
  6. opt for sticking to your hotel’s offerings regarding food and entertainment.
  7. intend to shop at commercial centers.
  8. love to party at night clubs, Coco Bongo, or Hardrock Café.
  9. you can relate to the quote: “Eat, Sleep, Sunbath, Repeat”.

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From picture perfect Caribbean beaches to world-class golf courses, Bayahibe is nestled in natural richness, sugar cane fields, lush forests with freshwater caves and Taino rock art inside the Cotubanamá National Park, and offshore the dream islands Saona and Catalina, unspoiled coral reefs, shipwrecks and vibrant marine life making it the Dominican Republic’s hotspot for diving and snorkeling.

Just around the corner in close proximity can be found the replica of a 16th-century Mediterranean village – Altos de Chavón, majestically hovering above the river Chavón, hosting an amphitheater, museum and cultural center; la Cueva de las Maravillas with ancient Taino paintings, the National Park of the East where you can follow in Taino steps surrounded by many endemic species of flora and fauna to the Cueva del Puente, the Padre Nuestro Trail with its underground spring, and the Caves of Wonders with its over 500 wall paintings and engravings. 

Bayahibe is for you, if you

  1. enjoy exploring the world outside of your hotel’s comfort zone.
  2. prefer short distances to the highlights of your destination.
  3. like relaxing strolls downtown for a more local, genuine experience.
  4. indulge in soaking in a great diversity of scenery and adventures. 
  5. favor the calm, warm and clear waters of the Caribbean Sea.
  6. desire soft, sandy beaches.
  7. fancy healthy, colorful reefs with spectacular coral formations, at doorstep.
  8. find smaller bays with harbors, bars, restaurants & souvenir shops more interesting than miles-long beach stretches.
  9. you can relate to Hans Christian Anderson’s quote: “To Live Is To Travel”, as you simply want to make the most of your stay and to feel that you have really “been there”.

How to start your Dominican Adventure?

No matter where you decide to stay, Pro Dive International will be happy to welcome you to join their adventures directly from Bayahibe. 

  1. Visit our website for more information
  2. Learn more on the tourism board’s website 
  3. Check out our monthly Stay & Dive Package Specials
  4. Stay at the Catalonia Gran Dominicus, or Catalonia Royal La Romana *adults only
  5. Contact us for guidance!

Please note that activities other than diving and water sports may be limited due to Covid-19 restrictions by the Dominican Republic’s authorities.