Entradas Isla Catalina

Santa Catalina Wall

In Brief: Dominican Republic´s best wall, excellent reef, tropical aquarium, great fun dive Depth: 30-45 m/ 98.4-147.6ft Currents: low Visibility: good 10-30 m Skills: Advanced OWD Life: outstanding variety Dive: Start at the platform, go…

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In Brief: very picturesque as the name suggests  Depth:  8-12m/ 26.2-39.4ft Currents: none Visibility: good 10-30m Skills: all levels Life: colorful and diverse Dive: #

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Caribbean Island Excursion CATALINA

CATALINA is a beautiful, white sandy island located on the southeast coast of the Dominican Republic. Catalina is a preservation of ecosystems with natural sand dunes, mangroves and reefs.It´s situated 1.5mi/ 2.4km from the mainland. It features one of the Dominican Republic’s most spectacular drop-off’s and reefs, the Santa Catalina Wall and Aquarium Reef.


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