PADI Bull Shark Diving in Playa del Carmen Distinctive Specialty 

This course has been created especially for diving with these majestic creatures in and around Playa del Carmen, Mexico.

bull shark diver

Course Goals

The goal of this PADI specialty is to educate you with deeper knowledge about bull sharks, as well as dispel many myths associated with these animals and sharks in general. We also hope to raise awareness of the threats posed to sharks and what you can do to help.

The open water dives will provide you with the opportunity to encounter those magnificent animals first hand. This specialty course will truly enrich and improve your experience.

The course takes place every year between November and March, when pregnant bull sharks migrate to Playa del Carmen. The shallow waters in front of the Riviera Maya create the perfect environment for them to raise their babies. 

Goals in more Detail

  1. Provide you with information to understand more about the Bull Shark 
  2. Give information on the threats to shark populations globally 
  3. Explain the positive and negative human impacts on sharks 
  4. Inform you of the importance of shark tourism and discuss the arguments for and against shark feeding 
  5. Motivate and inspire you to become active in marine and shark conservation and to educate others 
  6. Explain how to dive responsibly with the Bull Shark in the Playa del Carmen area 
  7. Enrich your experience of diving with bull sharks

Course Structure


  • Importance of sharks
  • Physical features and external anatomy
  • Why bull sharks visit Playa del Carmen 
  • Shark behavior
  • Impacts on bull sharks in the local area
  • How to dive responsibly with bull sharks in Playa del Carmen
  • How we can help sharks


Two dives at and around Bull Shark Point


  • Excellent buoyancy and air consumption
  • Spotless health conditions, no records
  • Feeling of comfort and awareness of risk
  • Open Water Certification with a min. of 25 logged dives
  • 1 or 2 local dives and final ok


incl. certification + manual (2 dives, gear, and park fee not included) from Playa del Carmen

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