PADI Professional Dive Courses

We offer the individual PADI Courses – PADI Divemaster, Assistant Instructor, Open Water Scuba Instructor, EFR Instructor, Specialty Instructor, Master Scuba Diver Trainer, IDC Staff instructor, PADI Cross-over, as well as Tec courses.


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Course Descriptions

1. Divemaster training:

This training requires you to learn the skills of a dive leader. You will learn to plan, organize and lead scuba dives, help divers, and assist instructors. The course contains theory which can be done online prior to the course, swimming pool training to learn all the diving skills (the “skill-circuit”), ocean dives to assist instructors. It is an intense and fulfilling program which can be led in multiple locations. For example you can organize half of the program in Playa Del Carmen, and half in Cozumel! More options to discover dive sites and different types of dives!


2. Instructor level training:

The Instructor Development Course is an intense 3 weeks training (or more, depending on the add-ons that the Course Director will offer). Pro Dive International decided to offer the MOST COMPLETE IDC in Mexico. This means that it is longer and with more add-ons: for example we can offer a Hyperbaric Chamber visit, an equipment technician course, a presentation by Divers Alert Network representative, or a meeting with an experienced Full Cave Instructor Trainer!


3. MSDT:

A Master Scuba Diver Trainer is an instructor who has gained additional knowledge in at least 5 more specialties. Once you have received the training for those specialties, you can apply for the MSDT title. This title allows you to stand out in the diving industry, showing that you know more than an entry-level Open Water Scuba Instructor.


Go Pro PackagesPlaya del Carmen/ Mexico

1. Zero to Hero package:

This is for anyone with a lifelong dream of becoming a dive professional in a short time.

2. Career Change Basic/Premium:

You are already a certified OW diver, and want to become a divemaster (Includes AOW, EFR, Rescue, DMT) / with Premium you add the instructor level course

3. Go Pro Basic/Premium:

You are already an Advanced diver. This package offers you EFR Rescue and DMT / with Premium you add the instructor level course

4. Full Pro Basic/Premium:

You are already a Rescue diver. Take your Divemaster and Instructor level course with us / with Premium you add the MSDT

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