IDC Frequently Asked Questions

We are sure that you have many questions before starting your training with Pro Dive. We have summed up the most frequent ones for you.

Frequently Asked QuestionsOverview & Answers

  1. I’m just starting with diving, can I enroll?
  2. What is the difference between PADI IDC and PADI CDC ?
  3. Where are your training facilities located, and and how do I get there?
  4. Where do I stay?
  5. How much are your courses?
  6. How is my return on investment?
  7. How can I prepare for my IDC with Pro Dive International?
  8. Why does Pro Dive’s IDC training take more days than the minimum of 8 days required by PADI?
  9. Who teaches the IDC?
  10. Is there a job guarantee? How are my chances to get a job or my hands-on?


1. I’m just starting with diving, can I enroll?

Yes! We provide full training from beginner to instructor. You can do all modules separately or choose one of our special „Zero to Hero“ or „Career Change“ programs, which can save you up to US$1,000. Those are tailored to kick-start your professional scuba career!


There are minimum requirements for starting your PADI Instructor course, including a 6-month period after becoming a certified diver. However, within those weeks we can train you to get your PADI Dive Master certification, able to guide divers and assist PADI Instructors. This will enable you to easily fulfill the other minimum requirements of your PADI Instructor training.


2. What is the difference between PADI IDC and PADI CDC?

A PADI Instructor Development Center has a PADI Course Director on staff and offers instructor-level training. A Career Development Center (CDC) is a dive center with more extensive and/or more frequent professional training opportunities.

The PADI 5-Star Career Development Center (CDC) classification is awarded to PADI 5-Star IDC centers that conduct additional instructor-level training and meet requirements for assisting dive leaders in reaching their educational and professional goals, like Pro Dive.

PADI 5-Star CDC’s offer career-oriented training to prepare dive professionals for employment in the dive industry as well as offering job placement assistance for program graduates. PADI 5-Star CDC’s are committed to training dive leaders and conducting career development programs.


3. Where are your training facilities?

Our training facilities are in different locations in and around Playa del Carmen. Depending on the objectives and to get the best practical experience, we will conduct your training at

3.1 IDC facility at the Allegro Playacar and Royal Hideaway Playacar

Most of your IDC training will take place in Pro Dive’s own, dedicated IDC-classroom in Playacar, a short walk away from Playa’s famous 5th Avenue and the Cozumel ferry pier. From here you have easy access to our PADI Five Star Dive Center at the Royal Hideaway, fully equipped dive boats, as well as to the deep and shallow swimming pools for confined water skills practice.

3.2 Playa Maroma

A short drive north of Playa del Carmen.

3.3 Cenotes

As your Instructor Examination will take place in the calm freshwater environment of a cenote, and as those famous caverns belong to the major highlights of the Riviera Maya, some of your training sessions will take place here.

3.4 Cozumel

We may add some fun dives at one of the world’s top diving destinations.


4. Where do I stay?

Rich in history, culture, restaurants. It’s safe to walk anywhere you like, and the attractions are within walking distance, or by cheap taxi’s. Most of our candidates choose to come to the IDC facilities by bicycle or scooter which can be easily rented. Moreover, you may find the center of Playa del Carmen the most convenient, as it is close to our IDC facility.


Everyone has their own preferences, tastes and budgets when it comes to accommodation. For this reason and as there are meanwhile unlimited options, we leave this choice entirely to you and neither include nor offer any accommodation with our courses.


5. How much are your courses?

Please check them out here…


6. How is my return on investment ?

Every professional training or career change starts with an initial investment, but the return on investment in this industry is very fast. The diving industry will not make you rich, but it’s a lifestyle with a decent income that can take you to many tropical and culturally diverse places around the world.

The moment you receive a job opportunity your return on investments starts, and with an average start salary of us$1,000, this is earned back within a couple of months!

Bear in mind that when you pass the PADI IE, many others in the area also pass their PADI IE, and they are all looking for jobs! This is why it is important to choose the proper training facility, as many „say“ they offer job assistance, but few really do!

After every PADI IE our human resources department is usually overwhelmed with new applications. However, being a PADI Career Development Center, we prefer to train our own staff and also hire the right people from our own academy.

So invest clever, as almost 80% of our candidates in the past years went on to gain employment as instructors, many of them with Pro Dive International at one of their 14 dive centers in Mexico – True job opportunities!


7. Can I prepare before my IDC with Pro Dive International?

With the new IDC format, you will have some studying to do prior to your IDC. Our Course Director will send you online documents to review your divemaster theory as well as videos to study and refresh your memory of the skill circuit. Our team will give you sufficient material to allow you to arrive well prepared, and if you don’t have time to review: don’t panic! We offer two FREE PREP DAYS!


8. Why does the IDC training at Pro Dive International take 14 days and other centers only 9 days ?

At Pro Dive International, we offer an extended IDC (including our free IDC Prep) with plenty of time for private counseling and personal attention. We offer the most complete IDC in Mexico, which is the reason we want to take our time for it.

The GoPro team at Pro Dive International does not see their job as just preparing you to pass the PADI IE.  That is the easy part. Their job is to create great professionals who will stand out from the crowd, and who will go on to succeed in their professional diving career. Being an instructor is a fabulous opportunity, but also brings major responsibilities, as you will be leading dive groups, be responsible for their safety, and will be seen as a role model for other divers.

During your IDC training, you will be prepared to work, and we will get the opportunity to know you better, and recognize your talents and skills, as we are always looking for quality staff for our centers.


9. Who teaches the IDC?

Our PADI Course Director will be involved in all of your training. He is highly knowledgeable in the recreational diving industry, as well as in technical diving and keen on sharing his passion with you.


10. Is there a job guarantee, or how are my chances to get a job or my hands-on?

There are no guarantees, but a ton of opportunities are here on the Riviera Maya. We have a great track record of finding jobs for our own IDC candidates, both with Pro Dive International and elsewhere in Mexico and the world.

For any other questions, please feel free and contact our Course Director and his team!

+52 984 806-4797