Tulum is famous not only for its pristine beaches, beautiful coastline and dramatic Mayan Ruins but also for its magical and mysterious sinkholes called cenotes.
It´s a real paradise for divers who would like to explore Mayan culture, taste delicious Mexican food and discover beautiful, nearby cenotes.


If you have never done cenote or cavern diving, be prepared for new and extraordinary experience as this type of scuba diving is completely different than diving in the sea or in the ocean.
There are more than 6000 cenotes at Yucatan Peninsula and lot of them are not discovered yet and some of them are very hard to access. The cenotes located near Tulum are one of the best cenotes at Yucatan Peninsula because of their stunning formations, easy access and unique features as e.g. “the foggy cloud” at Cenote Angelita.





Depth: 6 m (20 feet)

Level required: Open Water Diver 

Casa Cenote is located 10kms north of Tulum and it connects one of the longest underwater Cave Systems in the world Nohoch-Na-Chich with the ocean. It is one of the few surface rivers on the Yucatan Peninsula.

Casa Cenote gives the diver the feeling of diving underneath the jungle.

The dive follows the course of the river at a depth of no more than 8m. Due to the connection with the ocean, both fresh and saltwater fish live there. The dive follows alongside the jungle and at times through algae covered Mangrove roots reaching into the water. Huge rocks overgrown with mosses and green algae decorate the bottom.

Surfacing quietly at the end of the river, you might spot different bird species. Along the sides of the Cenote there are small caves running into the jungle frequently used by Manatees inhabiting coastal rivers and lagoons.



Depth: 10m (33 feet)

Level required: Open Water Diver

The entrance to this popular and famous Cenote is situated 20 km from Tulum and roughly 48km from Playa del Carmen. A 4km long dirt road leads from the highway to the parking lots and Cavern and Cave entrances. The name “Dos Ojos” means “Two eyes” and originated for the two circular shaped Cenotes which are located very close to one and another. Dos Ojos known for its multiple shallow Dives gives divers plenty of bottom time to enjoy the beautiful decorated system. In the Cenote called “the First Eye” two very different cavern dives start and end. The Dos Ojos Cavern Dive leads the diver mainly along the opening of the “Second Eye” where there is plenty of daylight. It also gives divers a lot of space to swim around huge columns and Stalictites. Be ready for some exciting surprises on this dive. Remember to look occasionally towards the entrance for great backlit effects. With shallow dives, crystal clear visibility and great decoration, Dos Ojos is spectacular for Cavern and Cave Diving.



Depth: 14m (50 feet)

Level required: Open Water Diver

Cenote Calavera, which means “Skull Cave” is also known as “Temple of Doom”. It is located just outside of Tulum, on the road to Coba. Completely different from any other cavern in the area, the entrance passes through a round hole on the surface rock. The adventure starts almost immediately, as you need to jump about 3m to the waters surface. The cavern area is a huge rooms with a hill of sediments and rocks in the center. During the dive, divers wind their way slowly  around the hill, travelling at different depth alongside the walls of the cenote. In this dive it is possible to move through three different halocline layers. There is much light in the cavern and many hidden fossils to discover.

Look up towards the entrance and with imaginations you might recognize the “skull”. Light passing through holes of the ceiling, creates an effect of two eyes and a mouth.

For cave diving, there are beautiful passages both on the siphon and spring sides. Ask your guide for “the Fang”, an amazing combinations of a huge stalactite and stalagmite.



Depth: 14m (50 feet)

Level required: Open Water Diver

This Cenote which has much to offer for both Cavern and Cave Divers, is situated 26kms south of Playa del Carmen, 39 km from Tulum and 5km south of Puerto Aventuras. The Cavern tour takes the Diver from the entrance into a wide room underneath an air filled bat Cave. Here light enters through holes in the ceiling and penetrates the water like laser beams during the summer months. Along the Cavern floor you will find hundreds of stalactites lying in the sediment. Continuing the dive you enter the sugar bowl, a second small Cenote where you can see an amazing light show on sunny days. Tajma-Ha is decorated with stalactites, stalagmites and plenty of hidden fossils can be spotted if you look for them. Haloclines in the deeper areas create interesting mirror like effects as divers penetrate the layer of salt water, which is below the fresh water. For Cave Divers there is the “Chinese Garden” for which you should ask your Guide.



Depth: 30m (90 feet)

Level required: Advanced Open Water Diver

Angelita, “little angel” in English, is not only an atypical Cenote dive, but a once in a lifetime dive in all aspects. Situated 17kms south of Tulum, it is the furthest visited site from Playa del Carmen. Walking about 5min through the jungle, you reach this picturesque circular shaped Cenote which does nothing more than go straight down to 60m. Descending through clear fresh water you will sink right into a mystical hydrogen sulfate layer at 30m that looks like a huge cloud with trunks and branches reaching through it. Underneath the cloud the salt water begins. It is dark here, giving the diver the feeling of being in a forest at night.

Depending on the air-consumption, the ascent can be done slowly winding up alongside the walls. Some huge stalactites hanging from the edge of the Cenote reminding us of times when the water level was much lower.

Angelita is a dive for the experienced diver because of its depth. Most commonly it is dived to a depth of 40m. This Cenote is also popular for Technical Dives.



Depth: 40m (120 feet)

Level required: Advanced Open Water Diver

El Pit is a deep and rugged gash in the jungle floor just 2.8kms past Dos Ojos. The entrance is steep and narrow, so be careful and use the pulleys for lowering heavy equipment as necessary. Arrive early in the morning for this deep dive and best light penetration.

Once in the water, stop and appreciate the tranquil surrounding that tower above. Descend in the middle of the Cenote through a shallow halocline towards the hydrogen sulfide cloud at 30m. Like Angelita, tree branches eerily protrude from the cloud, what seems to be the cavern floor becomes visible. But don´t stop there!

El Pit continues deep below the cloud and narrows into darkness down to 40+m. Continue your dive above the cloud exploring the cavernous overhang of the Cenote before coming up to the sloping ceiling at 10m. Here you´ll not only find stalactites of all shapes and sizes but also enjoy the laser beams of sunlight penetrating the gash from below.




Depth: 6m (18 feet)

Level required: Open Water Diver with experience

Dreamgate – one of the most amazing Cenotes and subject of many documentaries by BBC. Located 17km from Tulum, near Dos Ojos, this cavern offers very scenic dives, which let you enjoy the sensation of flying between thousands of very fine stalactites and columns.  Excellent buoyancy control is required due to the cavern´s delicate formations and very dark sediment floor.




True marvels can be found not only underwater but also on the surface. Tulum is a perfect place where you have a chance to travel back in time thanks to its rich history and impressive ruins.

Tulum was one of the biggest trading spot between neighboring cities such as Chichen Itza, Ek Balam and Coba and today is one of Mexico’s Pueblos Mágicos.


Mayan Ruins are located around 62 km (100miles) from Playa del Carmen and 128 m (80miles) from Cancun. They are situated on a cliff facing the Caribbean Sea so visitors can admire archeological marvels on the surface and turquoise water on another side.

The Mayan culture is also present in Coba which is located around 40km (25 miles) from Tulum.

Coba Ruins are surrounded by lushy jungle and lagoons. As the distance between ancient pyramids is quite long, the best way to visit the site is by bike. The highlight of Coba Ruins is Nohoch Mul where you can climb and admire beautiful landscape.

With Pro Dive International, you can discover full day tour of the Mayan temples in Tulum and Cuba. It´s a perfect combination of archeological visit with relax on the pristine beach in Tulum.  Lunch will be set up in local restaurant where you can enjoy authentic Mexican delicious food.

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Pro Dive International also offers combined excursion where you can visit Mayan ruins in Tulum and snorkel in cenote. You will be taken to either Dos Ojos or Chac Mool to enjoy a refreshing dip and some nice freshwater snorkeling. A small lunch will be set up inside the lush jungle environment.

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