Punta Sur

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In brief: Exciting tunnels, impressive deep wall far south in Marine Park. Explore in 2 dives. Popular narrow swim-through (devils throat).

Depth/ Time: 60 – 130 ft, ±20 min

Currents: Medium

Skills: Very experienced divers only with excellent buoyancy and air consumption.

Life: Red sponges and coral, occasional Eagle Rays

Dive: Start on sandy area 60ft, enter cave that leads to smaller cavern and see the narrow tunnel which takes you from 80ft, 45degree angle to 130ft. Lasts only seconds but is unforgettable. Once outside, another entrance leads to a chamber known as little Cathedral which is a large cave opening with giant sponges where light passes through. Labyrint of coral leads you up to 30ft (ascent).

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Considered one of the best dive sites in Cozumel, Punta Sur is characterized by an impressive deep wall on the southern end of the island, reaching down to 165ft/ 50m. Remarkable swim-troughs will take you down to the Devil´s Throat, a narrow tunnel lined with red sponges, located inside this area´s largest coral mound. Once you enter a large cave that leads to a smaller cavern, the narrow opening of the „throat“ becomes visible. The swim through lasts a few seconds only, but creates unforgettable memories!

Once outside, numerous other exciting tunnels take you through a labyrinth of corals until you ascend over a sandy slope up to 30ft/ 10m depth, accompanied by sting rays, turtles, nurse sharks and eagle rays.

Due to narrow penetrations and depth, this dive is recommended for very advanced divers only, since it can be dangerous if lacking excellent buoyancy and air consumption. 

Enjoy our videographer Memo´s footage…


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