Coral Nursery



Catalonia Hotels & Resorts together with Pro Dive International and FUNDEMAR organization are part of a local initiative which focuses on growing new corals and re-planting them in the surroundings of Bayahibe area, and especially in front of our hotel.

Photo courtesy: Catalonia Gran Dominicus

The strategic goal of this alliance, is to increase the amount of healthy coral structure in our area, but also to raise the public awareness about the importance of the restoration project and the efforts of conservation of the marine environment as such, and, as a result, not only increase amount of coral itself but furthermore increase the amount of other marine species and critters that live within those reefs. Moreover, it is dedicated to promote it among the clients who are coming for vacations to Dominican Republic.

Having these coral nurseries on the beach in front of the hotel requires very special care. Pro Dive International together with Catalonia Hotels & Resorts are responsible for maintaining and cleaning these nurseries every month, as well as do the replanting.

Photo courtesy: Catalonia Gran Dominicus

Thanks to active local support, the number of corals has expanded significantly in the last two years. Currently there are around 3000 meters of coral that grow in Coral Gardens and transplant areas. FUNDEMAR is continuously working on the new restoration programs that will include news species in the nurseries.

Diving in Coral Garden is a very unique experience as you dive around the fascinating sculptures and statues that were created in order to help the coral growth.  Also, there are many ropes, tables and other structures that support the corals to be created.

Photo courtesy: Catalonia Gran Dominicus

Coral reefs are very important part of the oceans as they act as natural barriers but also being the home to thousands of different species. Climate change and development threaten coral reefs so it´s our mission to help and protect coral reefs ecosystems for us and future generations.

The problem of threat is a worldwide one, in Bayahibe, Catalonia Hotels & Resorts together with Pro Dive International are doing their part on the local level, in order to contribute to the  good and important cause.

Photo courtesy: Catalonia Gran Dominicus 

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