Cenote Calavera

Cenote Calavera, which means „Skull Cave“ is also known as „Temple of Doom“. It is located just outside of Tulum, on the road to Coba. Completely different from any other cavern in the area, the entrance passes through a round hole on the surface rock. The adventure starts almost immediately, as you need to jump about 3m to the waters surface. The cavern area is a huge rooms with a hill of sediments and rocks in the center. During the dive, divers wind their way slowly  around the hill, travelling at different depth alongside the walls of the cenote. In this dive it is possible to move through three different halocline layers. There is much light in the cavern and many hidden fossils to discover.

Look up towards the entrance and with imaginations you might recognize the „skull“. Light passing through holes of the ceiling, creates an effect of two eyes and a mouth.

For cave diving, there are beautiful passages both on the siphon and spring sides. Ask your guide for „the Fang“, an amazing combinations of a huge stalactite and stalagmite.

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