10 Awesome Creatures of the Caribbean

Do you remember that purple flower-like creature on the cover of our January newsletter? Were you able to name it, or did you try to figure out what you actually looked at? What phrase did you even use to look it up? Turns out that this beauty is not the only life form that’s less known among our divers, which encouraged us to write this small piece about strange-looking but awesome creatures that you may be lucky to spot during your dives in the Caribbean in Mexico and/ or the Dominican Republic.


This post is about eyeballs, spaghetti, pistols, buttons, and lots more!

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3 Ways To Explore Saona’s Underwater World

Imagine a tropical island off the Dominican Republic’s south-east coast surrounded by impressive coral reef ecosystems rich with a diversity of marine wildlife, crystal clear turquoise waters, pristine palm-fringed mile long white sand beaches, nesting grounds for many migratory species of birds, as well as large areas with natural sandbars decorated with fields of starfish indigenous to this region. This is Saona Island.

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Special Xmas Cards with PADI Specialties

How about a special card for your loved ones or for yourself for Christmas this year? The gift of experience will last forever together with happy memories, exciting new opportunities, and an improved skill set!

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Punta Cana or Bayahibe

Your first time in the Dominican Republic? There’s so much to explore and you can’t decide whether to stay in Punta Cana or Bayahibe? This may help!

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Highlights of diving in Bayahibe

Dominican Republic is famous for its stunning marine environment, colorful coral formations, amazing variety of sea life and unique underwater cave systems. One of the best diving spots is undoubtedly Bayahibe.

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