Mayan gods and their agendas
Bumpy Start to a BIG Season?

Mayan gods follow agendas? That would be awesome, as Chac Mool – the Mayan God of Rain – might not have forgotten one of his most exciting appointments of the year – the official start of the Whale Shark Season on June 1st! So how did it all go so far and what can you expect this season? Read on…

The annual Whale Shark Season has started in Mexico’s Caribbean, and once again we are privileged to witness this magnificent spectacle of the world’s largest fish migrating to the warm waters around the Northern tip of the Yucatan peninsula to stuff their bellies.

We are not entirely sure whether Chac Mool has been treating himself to an exclusive VIP-trip on the first day of the season or if he simply forgot about those dozens of excited snorkelers who have been waiting for this once-in-a-lifetime adventure all year and even more so during the pandemic when their trips kept being postponed. We will never find out why he decided to keep our boats safely stranded in the harbor to avoid a bumpy ride on the stormy waters of the Caribbean Sea.

Prior to the official start of the season several Whale Sharks could be observed by the local marine authorities. And as soon as the sun came back out and the sea had calmed down, the harbormaster permitted us passage, so we were lucky to see “groups” of 5 to 10 sharks congregating together. What started bumpy has turned into a BIG start to the season and we hope that our snorkelers will soon have the pleasure of seeing both plenty of whale sharks, as well as mantas and dolphins.

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