It is really essential to stay hydrated, especially when you dive in tropical area as Riviera Maya, Mexico.
During hot weather it is reccommended to drink at least 2 l per day!
Dehydration not only contributes to heat stroke, but it also increases the risk of decompression sickness (DCS).

However, it is really important for the ocean that we all carry a reusable water bottle or cup.

A reusable water bottle can save almost 1,500 plastic cups a year. If we can all stop using single use plastic cups, we can greatly reduce some pressure for our ocean.


Photo courtesy: Pexels

Did you know?

  • 2.5 billion cups are used every year and only 1 in 400 recycled
  • plastic bags and other plastic garbage thrown into the ocean kill as many as 1 million sea creatures every year
  • an estimated 14 billion pounds of trash, much of it plastic is dumped in the world’s oceans every year
  • 6.5 million trees cut down each year
  • 500 billion disposable cups are consumed every year
  • 4 billion gallons of water wasted per year
  • enough energy to power 54,000 homes wasted per year!
  • it takes 60 years for plastic cups to biodegrade
  • it takes 450 years for plastic bottles to biodegrade
  • consumer waste has increased more than tenfold over the 20th century, from 40kg to 560kg of waste per person, per year

BRING YOUR OWN CUP/REUSABLE WATER BOTTLE to any of our dive centers & help reduce the amount of:

  • trees cut down
  • galloons of water wasted
  • energy wasted

As we believe that the change can be done starting from one person, we strongly encourage you to bring your own cup/reusable water bottle to one of our dive centers and simply refill!

The future of our oceans and planet depend on us so even this small action is super powerful and surely it would support the protection of the earth.

#saveourplanet #stopplasticpollution